Film Junk Premium Podcast: James Bond

James Bond

In celebration of 007 turning 50, we decided it was time to tackle James Bond in this latest episode of the Film Junk Premium Podcast. With 23 films to choose from it was a tough task narrowing things down to a manageable number of movies. In the end, it was decided we should cover at least one film from each version of Bond and attempt to provide a look at the very best and the very worst of the series. With that in mind, we finally decided on: Goldfinger, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, Live and Let Die, Moonraker, The Living Daylights, GoldenEye, and Casino Royale. We tackle some of the tougher questions including an in-depth discussion on the practicality of Baron Samedi’s flute radio, the origin of Jaws’ metal crotch, the impenetrable Fort Knox as a metaphor for Pussy Galore (but what does the radiated gold represent??), and the world’s most amazing Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant. So join us as we attempt to make sense of one of the longest running — and ultimately inconsistent — franchises of all time. From all of us here at Film Junk…happy 50th Jerzy Bondov!!

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  • Minimum price should be $0.07.

  • Bob Bobson

    Threw $20 your way. Thanks guys!

  • Kasper

    There’s nothing better than two Film Junk episodes in one week.

  • In the end, it was decided we should cover at least one film from each version of Bond

    But no Dalton-Bond?

  • Forgot that one in the description. Fixed.

  • Jay M

    thank you!

    lovely timing for me. i guess thanksgiving has passed for canadians, but personally im driving a lot today and tomorrow so this is nice. :)

  • Kasper

    Oooh OooooOooOoh, the living DAY-LIGHTS… badada DA DA.

  • Tum Tum Tyranus

    Nice. Opening on the theme to On Her Majesty’s Secret Service(the heart of the James Bond series and my favorite)

  • La Menthe

    The only bad one on that list (compared to other Bond films, that is) is Moonrooker.

  • La Menthe


    Don’t know what the fuck Moonrooker is.

  • Steve

    A co-worker walked into my office right at the part where Greg is talking about Bond slapping a girl on the ass, and said “Whoa! Ass slapping!” Thanks Greg.

  • Greg

    I am getting people fired now. My contributions are counter-productive.

  • Cy-Ed

    “The names Junk. Film Junk”

  • UKMark

    Greg, us Bond Fans will ‘Shut Up’ (bully). But remember who pays for your next munchathon. :)

  • Steve

    I absolutely love Frank’s Drax idea. Is it known if Peter Dinklage is a FJ fan?

  • La Menthe

    I paid for and listened to a part of the episode in my laptop. Is it any way for me to listen to it on another computer?

  • I believe you should have an e-mail from Bandcamp with a link to redownload. You can either stream it from there or just download the actual audio files and copy them to your other computer.

  • Mark

    Been looking forward to this for ages, thanks guys. Already a bit sad though at the lack of love for Connery, other than some support from Sean of course, fittingly. He is still the best Bond by some distance, his first four performances are flawless. I’m hoping as well to hear some John Barry love- some of the finest film scores ever!

  • rjdelight

    @ La Menthe

    Pretty sure Moonrooker is an early 90s sci-fi action flick starring Michael Rooker as a hard-nosed astronaut forced to save the world from an impending alien armada.

  • Loren


    Just downloaded the Bond Premium Podcast and listening to it now :) Thanks! Was curious if you will be reviewing “Life of Pi” next week? Just saw it today and curious how Frank will rate the opening credits on his -10/+10 scale lol.

  • Tum Tum Tyranus

    Franky is right, opting for poker over baccarat in Casino Royale was a deliberate/calculated decision. As much as it’s loved now, the producers were pretty scared beforehand. Many even believe the Judi Dench recast was an attempt to appease/confuse the hardcore fans who were upset over the idea of a reboot.

    60s/70s/80s film stock > 90s film stock
    Maybe that’s why Goldeneye looks dated?

    Before Craig was announced for Casino Royale, a lot of fans wanted Clive Owen to play Bond, which would’ve been interesting as he reminds me of Lazenby.

    Along with Rosie Carver, Eva Green is one of my least favorite Bond girls. I don’t think she’s that attractive and don’t buy Bond falling for her so deeply. Best bond girls for me are Teresa Bond and Elektra King(Sophie Marceau is so hot). They need to get another French Bond Girl, someone like Ludivine Sagnier who can act and has the look.

  • Kasper

    On the currently selling list Film Junk is currently #14 – hopefully this sort of exposition will bring in extra listeners!

  • devolutionary

    Interesting that you guys chose to review 2 films from Roger Moore. Was it more because there’s so much ridiculousness to discuss in Moonraker that it would be a crime not to? ;} Never Say Never Again would’ve been a fun one to review as well.

    NOTE: I haven’t listened to it yet.

  • bullet3

    Never Say Never Again is really worth talking about at some point, cause it’s such a bizarre entry in the series.

    Seeing a beat for beat remake of Thunderball starring Connery again is sooo strange (I wonder if that’s the only case in movie history of the same actor playing the lead role in the original and the remake of the original). That being said, there’s actually a lot of good stuff in it. A really strong fight scene in the med clinic, a fun motorcycle chase, one of the best evil bond girls, Kim Basinger, the first black Felix Leiter, and best of all, bond playing videogames:

  • Wouldn’t the Beatles’ recordings be in mono in 1964?

  • And if people were going to mistake Peter Dinklage for a Bond villain, it’d be Knick Knack as played by Herve Villechaize in The Man with the Golden Gun.

  • Here’s a few more name innuendo’s:
    Plenty O’Toole in Diamonds are Forever
    Mary Goodnight and Chew Mee in Man with the Golden Gun
    Dr.Molly Warmflash from World is not Enough
    Peaceful Fountains of Desire, Die Another Day
    not a ton more but a few

    Plenty O’Toole is my personal favorite

  • Oh and Jay was confusing the boat chase in Moonraker with the boat chase in The Man with the Golden Gun. J. W. Pepper appears in that film in a cameo, which was the next film after Live and Let Die. Golden gun had the boat being split in half

  • Filmbuffbaker

    Glad there’s a lot of love for OHMSS, along with Goldfinger it’s the best of the series and still my favourite of the Barry scores too.
    If I remember correctly at the end of Octopussy they actually announced the next Bond film as From A View to a Kill – why this was shortened I’ve no idea as in the Duran Duran song it is quoted in full. Anyone have any info on this?

  • anton

    i’m poor guy from eastern europe, so sorry for being cheap, but thanks for the podcast! downloading it now and very excited to start listening.

  • Long Dong Silver

    Look forward to you discussing other Bond films in Bond Premium part 2. I feel I’m paying for the regular weekly shows when I buy the premiums which is fair I suppose because you go epic every week. Love and handy-Js, Long Dong Silver.

  • anton

    running across the crocodiles in “live and let die” is real stunt. It was in dvd extras. they tied the legs to the ground and a stuntman had to run across their backs countless times. and near the point of giving up he pulled it through. in the docu they showed the clips of failure and it looked really dangerous, as the stuntman fell inches away from being grabed by one of the crocs.

  • Ben

    Hey guys, in Casino Royale (Spoiler, I guess) Bond wins with a straight flush not a royal flush. And Bloody Eye has a full house. So it’s not a ridiculous hand, really.

  • JohnnyBlazed

    I really enjoyed this podcast, my favourite premium so far. Thank you very much guys. Although you all shit on one of my favourite films (Live and Let Die).
    I’m glad Jay mentioned The Spy Who Loved Me, that film is amazing. The only negative is the horrible acting by Agent XXX. Her voice really bugs me, and it seems like its been dubbed on as well which makes you wonder how terrible the original version sounded!

  • You guys should review The Hobbit cartoon movie as a bonus for the lord of the rings premium.

  • Filmbuffbaker

    I think Ralph Bashki’s animated Lord of the Rings would be an excellent companion piece for the Rings premium podcast – Jackson has often quoted how he was influenced by many of the visuals in the cartoon. Some are even lifted straight from it – the scene in Fellowship where the Ringwraith stumbles across the hobbits while they are hiding under the tree.

  • I remember they use to watch that Hobbit cartoon all the time in grade school. I be down for a review.

  • Bob

    I was surprised how positive Jay was on Bond since he’s never shown much interest.

  • Ben

    Is there a timecode breakdown anywhere? I’ve just started watching some of the old Bond films and wanted to check when/if you talked about them. I bought this, just wanted to know. Cheers.

  • No time code breakdown but Jay mentions the movies in the post above, listed in the order we talk about them in.

  • Ben

    Cheers Sean. I already listened once through so this is a further indictment on my brain.