Monday Morning Box Office Report: Twilight’s Last Gleaming

No surprises here… the final chapter in The Twilight Saga proved to be another monster hit over the weekend, although unlike the final Harry Potter film it fell short of breaking any records. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 opened to $141 million, which is the fourth highest debut of the year and the second highest debut for the franchise. Considering that the final installment in a series tends to be the most successful, it does seem like Twilight may have overstayed its welcome a little bit (not that Summit will be complaining about these numbers either way). Elsewhere, Skyfall fell to #2 after earning $41.5 million in its second weekend; with a domestic total of $161 million it will easily pass Quantum of Solace this week to become the highest grossing Bond movie of all time (it is already the most successful worldwide). Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln also had a solid weekend after expanding to 1700 screens, while Wreck-It Ralph and Flight rounded out the top 5.

1. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 — $141M
2. Skyfall — $41.5M
3. Lincoln — $21M
4. Wreck-It Ralph — $18.3M
5. Flight — $8.62M
6. Argo — $4.07M
7. Taken 2 — $2.1M
8. Pitch Perfect — $1.26M
9. Here Comes the Boom — $1.2M
10. Hotel Transylvania — $900K

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  • Steve

    Lincoln wasn’t even playing at some of my local multiplexes. Glad to see it still had a good weekend.

  • “Lincoln” is on about 1800 screens, which is right on the line of whether we get something at my theater or not. Two weeks ago, we didn’t get “Flight” (which popped up the next week though) or “Man With the Iron Fists”, which were on about the same number of screens, but they pushed “Flight” harder the second week, adding a few hundred more theaters. I think they held back that first week, knowing it would do fine, but that it wouldn’t take the weekend, since it was coming out against “Ralph”. It was never going to win the next week against “Skyfall” either, but by getting “Flight” into more theaters in that second week, they could kind of make it look like it had held up better against the competition than it really did, because the people that didn’t get to see it the first week would now have the chance to see it. Does that make any sense? Maybe “Lincoln” is being released in a similar manner.

  • Steve

    That makes sense. It just sucks that it has so much competition.
    Also, saw this on Row Three and felt compelled to share:

  • patrik

    Happy to see the back of that franchise.. Although, it’s probably not the last we’ll see.