Weekly Poll Results: Worst James Bond Movie

Despite taking an initial backseat to some of the Pierce Brosnan movies, in the end it was Daniel Craig’s Quantum of Solace that won out in last week’s survey of the worst that James Bond has to offer. Personally I don’t think it’s really deserving of the title of Worst Bond Movie, but I realize that it’s the one on the list that most readers have seen. I also think that votes were probably split between the Pierce Brosnan flicks with Die Another Day coming in second and The World is Not Enough coming in fourth. Roger Moore’s Moonraker took the #3 spot, while Octopussy rounded out the top 5. As for Sean Connery, it appears that even his worst movies are still well-regarded, with Diamonds are Forever and You Only Live Twice pulling up the rear. Do you agree with these results?

1. Quantum of Solace — 26.1%
2. Die Another Day — 20.9%
3. Moonraker — 13.4%
4. The World is Not Enough — 11.1%
5. Octopussy — 8%
6. Tomorrow Never Dies — 7.3%
7. A View to a Kill — 4.9%
8. Licence to Kill — 4%
9. Diamonds are Forever — 3.1%
10. You Only Live Twice — 1.2%

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  • Schizopolis

    Quantum isn’t the worst Bond film, Diamonds Are Forever is by far the worst in the franchise. Connery looks old and fat at 40 yrs old, the fight scenes are laughable and the action sequences look cheap. The only entertaining parts of Diamonds are the scenes with the gay assassin couple Mr. Kidd and Mr. Wind. Not because their performances are good. It’s because it’s unintentionally hilarious. Also, I think all the Brosnan films are worse than Quantum too.

  • Aaron

    Quantum’s not very good, but far from being the worst. It’s pretty common knowledge that fans consider Diamonds Are Forever the worst Bond film of all time. Moonraker is a close second.

  • Brendan

    Yeah, undeserving. I enjoyed Quantum of Solace so I don’t get all the hate piled on it. This poll is particularly tough due to the number of films and the amount of time since the first one. How can you compare the older movies compared to the ones made recently? I think one of the biggest complaints I’ve heard against Quantum is people were bored. If that’s the case, is it really more boring than the early Bond films? Compared to today’s standards, they were extremely slow paced and short on action. Sean’s probably right that it’s just the one that most of the poll responders saw, or at least is freshest in their minds.

  • Maopheus

    No way. The problem with these lists is that they always skew recent. So always disregard any movie that is on the top of the list of anything if it was very recent. Unless, it is so obviously the best choice that no other could possibly be considered. QoS is not a great movie at all, but it’s better than arguably than Moonraker, A View to a Kill, and a couple of the Brosnan movies. DAF is also pretty bad too. It was a phoned-in pay day for Connery. Having said that, he was still way better half-assing it as Bond in DAF than George Lazenby in OHMSS. If only Connery had done OHMSS, it would have been his best performance. A fit and motivated Connery, that is.

  • Derek McFarland

    I always thought Live and Let Die was pretty whack, but it wasn’t on the list. But QoS should not have won. I think Moonraker should have taken the cake….They totally dumped 007 into a Star Trek flick… I remember going to the video store (back in he day) and straight up seeing Moonraker in the Sci-fi section. I just saw QoS as an actual sequel to CR. It wasn’t the best, but it sure as hell wasn’t the worst. Die Another Day is probably right where it should be.

  • I’m going to suggest that if you could somehow take into account the general Zeitgeist at the time the film was released, plus the changes in film making over the 50 year period, along with the sentimentality associated with each different Bond by each different viewer…that this poll is DEAD ON :)

  • Kasper

    I don’t get the hate for the Brosnan movies. I think they’re all a lot of fun. Stupid, for sure, but fun!

    When it comes to shit I think all the Roger Moore movies are way worse.

  • Bryan

    I watched SOLACE last night, as I’m seeing SKYFALL tonight. Thought it was really good. Don’t understand the hate at all. Maybe it helped that I saw CASINO ROYALE immediately before, as it is a continuation of that film…

  • La Menthe

    @ I did the excactly same thing as you did last week, but I found Quantum awful (it’s full of action scenes, but none of them make any sense, and are extremely dull).

    My rating:

    Skyfall: 7/10
    Casino Royale: 8/10
    QoS: 3/10

  • loco73

    While I’ve never been a huge Bond fan, I’ve seen my share of movies in the long-running franchise. Though Sean Connery and his entries into the Bond universe are now iconic, honestly I enjoy the Daniel Craig movies the most. Pierce Brosnan’s stuff was kind of popcorn fun, Roger Moore’s were just silly fluff and Timothy Dalton’s were utterly forgetable. Having said that, I can think of many other movies in 007’s repertoire which I find worse than “Quantum Of Solace”. I preferr the nastier, grittier more somber Bond, much closer to reality than his previous incarnations! I guess after the initial hubris surrounding the quality of “Casino Royale”, fans expected something along the same lines when “Quantum Of Solace” was released, when that didn’t materialize many got pissed off. I would venture to guess that some haven’t seen many of the other Bond movies, if any at all, and have only Daniel Craig’s movies to compare, or some of Brosnan’s…

  • adam

    I don’t remember QOS being that bad. Die AnotherDay is bad but entertaining. Diamonds are Forever isn’t that bad. World is not Enough is the worst Brosnan. I agree with You only live Twice on here, Connery’s weakest. But leave Octopussy alone! Very underrated.

  • Scott

    Quit making excuses. QoS is up there with Iron Man 2 for me.

  • Chris Morgan

    It disturbs me that people think Quantum is worse than Day Another Day. Genuinely disturbs.

  • schizopolis

    Not only is Brosnan the most generic Bond in every way, he is the only Bond that could pass as a transvestite. In Goldeneye, he looked 6’2, 160 lbs. Famke Jansen had more muscle tone than him. Whereas, Craig looks like Steve McQueen on steroids.

  • Maopheus

    I personally really liked Timothy Dalton as Bond. I thought it was just unfortunate that his last movie was the last for a while in the Bond series. I suppose that forever there will be a split in the like/dislike for him. I guess it depends on what camp you come from. The fans of the Bond novels really liked him because he got back to Bond’s literary roots. He, up to the time, embodied Bond about as close to Fleming as possible. Sure, Connery was the iconic Bond, but terribly close to the book version. But you never read the novels, and didn’t care to see a version of Bond that resembled the books, then I suppose that Dalton would really not have appealed to you. Also, it didn’t help that when The Living Daylights came out, we were all at the height of AIDS hysteria, so Bond’s depiction as a horndog had to be toned down to fit the times. It certainly threw the proverbial wet blanket over the fun of the ’60’s and ’70’s.
    The main problem of QoS was just they did an interesting move of starting the movie as a direct continuation of CR. Bold move, and it could have paid off, but it didn’t really. They inserted action scene after action scene because it seemed like they ran out of ideas for anything else. In the end, they never really seemed to resolve the Quantum storyline after all. So it all seemed to finish rather limply.
    YOLT was Connery’s swan song because by that time he had just become tired and disillusioned to a degree by where Bond was going. The fake volcano, the gadget-equipped gyrocopter, it just became too much for him. And you could tell by his performance. But the fight between him and Peter Maivia (the Rock’s grandfather) was one of the best fights in all the Bond movies.

  • I thought Quantum was fine, better than many of the other films in the series, and that it’s biggest crime was just not being the film before it that everyone loved, or in many of the other cases here, the one AFTER it that revitalized things. Several of the installments on this list seem to fall into that category.

  • I know I’m in the minority but “Skyfall” was the worst out of the 3 Craig Bond films. Way too long and often boring in spots.

    The Dalton and Brosnan films were craptactular.

  • I’m struggling to stay awake through the old Bond movies that are considered good, like On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. I’m not up to watching any of these.

  • mark


    By far the worst. It had the midget from fantasy island, it was the dumbest thing Ive ever watched. Im not saying QofS was great, but it was 1000x better than mwtgg.

  • UKMark

    QOS worst what a joke.

  • bondfan

    man with the golden gun indeed the worst bond movie ever… quantum was alright.