Ryan Gosling Leaves Logan’s Run Remake

Looks like Ryan Gosling is going to be staying away from big studio blockbusters for at least a couple more years. Last year he signed on to star in a remake of the sci-fi classic Logan’s Run for Warner Brothers, which was potentially going to be his first headlining role in a big budget tentpole. It didn’t seem like the kind of project that he would normally be interested in, but having Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn at the helm probably helped get him on board. Now this month we have learned that although Refn is still attached to direct, Gosling will not be starring in the film after all. What we don’t know is whether he left on his own terms or if Warner Brothers opted to go with someone else instead.

The news comes courtesy of Variety’s Justin Kroll on Twitter, who simply tweeted that Gosling is “no longer attached to the project.” Some have interpreted this news as proof that Gosling is not yet a big enough box office draw for a project of this size, and while it may be somewhat true (his biggest movie to date is the Steve Carell rom-com Crazy, Stupid, Love), that could all change next year with Gangster Squad (admittedly, another ensemble flick). However, Gosling is also busy setting up his directorial debut How To Catch A Monster and that might be interfering with his availability as well.

There has also been some speculation that Gosling and Refn may have had a falling out of sorts but this does not seem to be the case. Refn has mentioned in interviews that he is more than happy to offer directing advice if Gosling needs it, and recently he hinted that Gosling might reprise his role as The Driver (the main character from Drive) in another one of his movies. For now, their future collaborations remain uncertain, but we do know that Gosling will not have to face Carousel. Are you disappointed by this news? Are you still interested in a Logan’s Run remake?

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  • It’s sad to see him go. The last time he left a project was Peter Jackson’s Lovely Bones and we all know how that turned out. Still excited to see what Refn does but I wish both of them utilized their talents elsewhere.

  • scott

    Dude, should play Hank Pym in AVENGERS 2


  • 1138sw

    bummer love the guy…his screen presence is off the charts…was really hoping he would stay with this project.

  • Don Hopfe

    I hate the thought of this being a show stopper on the movie, I really would like to see how they remake the original. I do know that the book is different than the original movie and if they work at making this more like the book it will be interesting to see what they do with it.