Nicolas Cage to Star in Left Behind Reboot

In the same week that we learned about an Ernest reboot, we’ve now been given an even more appropriate sign of the impending apocalypse: the Left Behind series is also getting a reboot. What’s even weirder is the fact that Nicolas Cage is reportedly in talks to headline the film. (Okay… maybe that’s not so weird.) Based on the popular series of Christian books by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins, the original Left Behind trilogy starred former Growing Pains heartthrob Kirk Cameron in the lead role. The story revolves around survivors left behind on Earth after The Rapture who are forced to take on the Anti-Christ. But will Cage be playing the Kirk Cameron role or the Anti-Christ? Hopefully the latter.

According to Variety, the project is being set up by Paul Lalonde, former head of St. Catharines-based production company Cloud Ten Pictures. Cloud Ten produced the previous trilogy, so it seems that Lalonde has left and taken the property with him. The script is being written by Lalonde and John Patus (Left Behind II: Tribulation Force) with a budget of $15 million, which is significantly more than any of the previous films.

Christian-oriented films continue to be surprisingly profitable, catering specifically to a built-in audience. Kirk Cameron went on to star in Fireproof, which made $33 million back in 2008. Other recent successes include Courageous and Soul Surfer. As for Nicolas Cage, he has yet to be associated with any of these films, but I suppose Knowing kind of counts… right?

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  • Bob

    Left Behind is Christian like The Master is Scientology.

  • Bas

    Sounds like a new ‘Night Chronicle': 5 people survived the rapture, one of them is the anti-christ!

  • As a former evangelical turned Catholic, I naturally find a lot of Left Behind’s dispensationalism a little wacky, but man, I gotta tell you, if the trailer shows Cage launching into full “Not the bees!” mode, I just might be first in line for this :)

  • Jonny Ashley

    potentially incredible

  • scott

    I don’t think this story follows the actual stuff in The Bible.

  • rjdelight

    This could be a cool movie if they took the big blockbuster approach with Cage battling the devil. But the fact that the original Left Behind team is writing and producing means this can only end up being horrible. The original films are unwatchable.

  • Allow me to be the first. *ahem*

    “What the fuck is this?!?!? How DARE they! The original is an untouchable masterpiece!”

  • Stinker

    Well, thats nice. Nic Cage in that movie is not that a surprise, well he made Ghost Rider. Warm up for role of the “Anti-Christ”. The other Role, no doubt a “Nice and Decent” Person would be worse than……, donĀ“t what word could would fit for that kind of Murks.

    Also i think that he sometimes should read the script, not only listen the producer saying….Cool… Read thiss…..this will be awesome… will get Money….and an Oscar, at least a nomination……can i see your comic collection…….awesome… Done Deal.

    My God, this Guy made Raising Arizona, Bad Port of Call and ahmm The Rock. Please make Movies, not Waste of time.

  • As a Christian who has enjoyed the Kendrick brothers’ films and who didn’t think the first “Left Behind” movie was entirely bad (but it wasn’t great and departed too much from the novel — let’s not mention the sequels), I think this is the first time I have found myself actually hoping — if this casting bears out — for a Christian-themed movie to fail.