Weekly Poll Results: Best Christopher Walken Movie

Last week we asked Film Junk readers to put aside their Christopher Walken impressions to take a serious look at the man’s filmography and pick his finest moment on screen. Although most of the options got a decent number of votes (leading to our first ever three-way tie for fifth place), there was definitely a clear winner here. Michael Cimino’s The Deer Hunter topped the poll with 38% of the votes, proving that if you can hold your own with Robert DeNiro you will impress a lot of people. It also happens to be the same movie that earned Christopher Walken his only Oscar to date… I’m just sayin’. Coming in at #2 was Tony Scott’s True Romance, followed by The Dead Zone and Catch Me If You Can. Meanwhile The King of New York, Batman Returns and A View to a Kill were all deadlocked for the final spot in the top 5. Do you agree with these results?

1. The Deer Hunter — 38%
2. True Romance — 18%
3. The Dead Zone — 10.2%
4. Catch Me If You Can — 9.2%
5. The King of New York — 5.6%
5. Batman Returns — 5.6%
5. A View to a Kill — 5.6%
8. Sleepy Hollow — 3.9%
9. The Prophecy — 2.6%
10. The Dogs of War — 1.3%

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  • Kristel

    I don’t care what he plays in, Christopher Walken is the man!