Baywatch Movie Gets a New Director

Despite being first announced way back in 2004, no one in Hollywood has had much luck in getting a Baywatch movie off the ground thus far. I know… pretty shocking, right? It would seem that, contrary to popular belief, nostalgia and ironic appeal do not always result in an automatic greenlight. However, with the recent success of 21 Jump Street, Paramount is now looking to give this property another shot. Word on the street is that they’ve handed the project over to a new director who is clearly maintaining the original vision as a full-on comedy / parody. But will David Hasselhoff and his legion of fans approve?

According to Vulture, Paramount has hired Reno 911! co-creator and star Robert Ben Garant to direct the film from a script written by Peter Tolan (Rescue Me). Ivan Reitman is on board as a producer and, perhaps not surprisingly, the plot is described as being “akin to Stripes.” That sounds similar to the version of the script that was originally penned by Jeremy Garelick (The Break-Up) who was also going to direct this at one point.

Although I’ve never seen a full episode of Reno 911!, I know that it’s mostly a parody of COPS and that a Baywatch parody would likely be in the same ballpark. Garant also previously directed the half-baked ping-pong comedy Balls of Fury and wrote the screenplay for Night at the Museum. I can’t say his involvement has me particularly enthused, but perhaps with the right cast this could still be fun (ie. Will Ferrell in the Hasselhoff role). What do you think, could a Baywatch movie actually have potential or is this just a terrible idea?

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  • Beerdude

    As we all know this will be the first movie entirely in slow motion

  • Scott

    It will be interesting to see how this does. Never could get into the show, but I do prefer my women thick.


  • Stinker

    Hipp Hip Hurrahhh

    98 % of the German Movie “Visitors” will have a new found reason to live. This movie will cume and go berserk in Germany, but the rest of the world will laugh at that most likley to be DTV Movie. And all that, i will hope in 3-D.