Guillermo del Toro Developing Hitchcockian HBO Series Nutshell Studies

The running joke with Guillermo del Toro over the past few years is that he has so many projects in development that he’ll never actually get to 90% of them. Between producing and directing movies, writing novels and even co-developing video games, it’s a wonder that the guy has time to sleep, much less add even more projects to his plate. Now it appears that he is starting to dip his feet into television as well. A couple of years ago it was announced that he would executive produce a new Incredible Hulk series on ABC. While that project is still in development, he is also about to make the jump to HBO with a new show called Nutshell Studies.

According to THR, HBO has optioned the series, which is based on the book The Nutshell Studies of Unexplained Death by Corinne May Botz. She also created an art exhibition based on the miniature crime scene models of Frances Glessner Lee, a criminologist in the ’40s and ’50s. The story seems like it will be based loosely on Lee’s story, as it revolves around “a 1950s small-town housewife who becomes obsessed with solving brutal crimes.”

Del Toro is on board as an executive producer and director, while novelist Sara Gran (Southland) will write and co-executive produce. The show is also described as “a Hitchcockian drama”, which is not that surprising given Guillermo del Toro’s love of Hitchcock. HBO seems to be absorbing every ounce of talent from Hollywood nowadays, but can you really blame them? I’m definitely interested in seeing what Del Toro does with a serialized story on the small screen. Are you looking forward to Nutshell Studies or are you disappointed to see another great director getting distracted with TV projects?

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  • Niklas

    Its hard to be excited about del toro projects since they are always announced but never seems to actually happen