Wreck-It Ralph Trailer #2

When the first trailer for Disney’s upcoming animated film Wreck-It Ralph hit the web back in June, it caught a lot of people by surprise because it features a plethora of well-known video game characters that have been licensed for use in the movie. The story, however, focuses on a fictional video game villain (voiced by John C. Reilly) who is unhappy with his lot in life. He decides to turn his back on his game, Fix-It Felix, Jr., and pursue a new career path in a first-person shooter called Hero’s Duty.

Although the concept has a lot of potential, the first trailer was definitely targeted at a younger audience, putting it somewhat at odds with its retro video game references. Now a new trailer for the film has arrived online this week and it actually feels even more juvenile and generic. Sarah Silverman’s character is especially grating. Aside from a few little nods to old school video game tropes, there does not seem to be much to look forward to here. Is the marketing department just holding back or is this going to be a major disappointment? Wreck-It Ralph hits theatres on Nov. 2nd; check out the new trailer after the jump and let us know what you think.

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  • Adam Lenehan


  • This trailer does look troublesome, but I think it’s still a really interesting idea and I’m still very excited for this movie.

  • Now that I just finished reading the novel Ready Player One, this reminds me of that.

  • Drew

    It cant be a disappointment if its already clear its going to be terrible.

  • daniel g.

    They must have played the entire support group scene in that trailer.

  • This is when I give my 7 year old daughter the “It’s way more fun to wait for the DVD” speech…

  • mark

    ugh I hate that song at the end