Nicolas Cage to Star in I Am Wrath, William Friedkin to Direct?

I don’t think there’s any question that Nicolas Cage is the hardest working man in Hollywood right about now. Well, okay, maybe hardest working is the wrong way to put it… “most often working” is more like it. The man seems to be churning out movies at a rate of 3 or 4 per year with a never ending stream of upcoming projects that he is attached to. I suppose debt will do that to you. After last week’s announcement that he will star in David Gordon Green’s Joe, we already have yet another new project on the horizon for him. Believe it or not, it’s another revenge flick, but the thing that has me interested is the fact that William Friedkin (The Exorcist) is reportedly in talks to direct.

According to Deadline, Nicolas Cage is attached to star in I Am Wrath, an upcoming action thriller from Emmett/Furla Films. Cage will play a man who becomes frustrated when the police fail to find his wife’s murderer and after uncovering a trail of corruption, takes matters into his own hands. The script was written by Paul Sloan (The Rising) based on a story by Yvan Gauthier (L.A., I Hate You).

William Friedkin is said to be circling the project right now, and it seems like it could make a great follow-up to the dingy and demented Killer Joe. He obviously has some other great crime flicks under his belt like The French Connection and To Live and Die in L.A., but I’d be very interested to see what he can do with Nicolas Cage. The best directors seem to get great performances out of him… let’s hope it happens here. Are you looking forward to I Am Wrath?

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