Man Shoots Himself in the Butt During The Bourne Legacy Screening

On a slow news day, there’s nothing like a little bit of everyday idiocy to provide some much-needed entertainment. It’s been almost a month now since the tragic The Dark Knight Rises shooting happened in Colorado, and many moviegoers are clearly still on edge. We’ve heard reports of people bringing weapons to theatres for self-defense and, in some of these cases, arrests have been made. However, what many of these people probably don’t realize is that sometimes your own weapons can end up being used against you. Case in point: a man attending a screening of The Bourne Legacy this week accidentally shot himself in the ass. I guess maybe his chems just wore off?

According to the Associated Press, a 56-year-old man in Sparks, Nevada was injured when a gun fell out of his pocket and onto the floor during the movie, firing a bullet right into his own buttocks. His injuries are not said to be life-threatening and fortunately no one else was hurt. Someone needs to get this man a holster.

He did have a permit to carry the gun, so it’s currently unclear if any charges will be laid. That being said, I’d be pretty pissed if I was one of the other folks in that screening with him. I’m not sure how often people used to bring guns to the movies with them prior to July 20th (I’m not even clear on the legality of this in the U.S.), but I sure hope the paranoia starts to wear off soon. Do you still feel unsafe when attending movies? Should movie theatres install metal detectors or some other form of additional security?

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  • La Menthe

    Only in North-America are they so fucking stupid that when somneone uses a gun to shoot at people, the response is to bring more guns.

  • kyri

    “I’d be pretty pissed if I was one of the other folks in that screening with him”

    with the luck you carry around, you would probably be the one shot in the arse..

  • 1138sw

    Well I guess if a shooter did come and attack the theater this guy was in he would be pretty useless..what an ass!

  • Deven Science

    This was in Nevada, one of the few states that still allows its citizens to carry, concealed or not, pretty much wherever they want. I know guys that still carry a gun on their hips, like it’s the fucking old west.

  • MovieViewer-Man

    “Bullet to the Butt” starring Sylvester Stallone

  • Tyler

    With a concealed carry permit you can take your gun almost anywhere. I almost always do. And if you’re smart, you don’t keep a round chambered while you’re going about day to day business. This helps avoid accidents and anal penetrations. If you’re gonna need something to defend yourself quickly in close quarters, carry a knife or two. I’ve never had an accident with any of my weapons because I respect them, and I am confident when I use them. I support gun ownership 100% however I do also believe most people are to stupid to be trusted, and it should be harder to obtain them. You should have to go through much more hands on safety and proficiency training to be allowed to own guns, especially pistols.