Finding Nemo Sequel in the Works

Oh how the mighty have fallen. In the wake of the lukewarm reception and middling box office performance of their latest film Brave, it appears that Pixar is retreating to the safety of yet another sequel, this time for their second highest-grossing movie of all-time, Finding Nemo. Yes, prior to the release of Toy Story 3, Nemo was their most successful film, having made an astonishing $867 million worldwide. With a 3D re-release coming later this year, I’m a bit surprised that a sequel to this film wasn’t already in development. The bigger part of this story, however, is the fact that Andrew Stanton will be returning to direct.

According to Deadline, Stanton has agreed to direct the Finding Nemo sequel as part of a deal with Disney that will also allow him the chance to do another live action movie in the near future. You may remember that Stanton just made his live action directorial debut this year with John Carter, which bombed at the box office and lost a ton of money for Disney. It sounds like this compromise could be a win/win situation, assuming that the proposed Finding Nemo sequel turns out to be successful.

Supposedly Stanton came up with his own concept for the sequel and the studio loves it. Considering that he co-wrote and directed the original Finding Nemo along with Wall-E, I have confidence that this will not be another Cars 2. That being said, as much as I like Finding Nemo, I can’t say I’m dying to revisit any of the characters. Will Alexander Gould return to voice an older Nemo or will they find someone else? Will Ellen DeGeneres return as Dory? I’m curious to see how this all plays out. What do you think, are you willing to take the plunge with another Finding Nemo movie?

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  • I’m willing to take the plunge. But I wish Pixar kept pumping out original films like they have throughout most of their filmography. But, this doesn’t surprise me and it’s Pixar, so it’ll probably be great.

  • rjdelight

    Brave was/is still pretty successful. It’s earned 200 million domestically in 4 weeks, not bad.

  • I guess it’s open to interpretation. It still seems to be on the low end for Pixar.

  • Falsk


    We’re all gonna end up seeing it, regardless.

  • I think the general perception is that although “Brave” has made a profit and is a reasonably decent movie, it is still being looked at as generally disappointing compared to prior Pixar efforts. The main character hasn’t connected well as hoped with young girls either. so tie-ins etc haven’t done as well as hoped. Maybe it will do well on demand etc?

  • rjdelight

    Cars and Cars 2 are the low points for Pixar in my opinion. Brave is a masterpiece compared to those shitty movies.

  • cap


    I agree. And I haven’t even seen any of the 3 movies you’re talking about.

  • patrik

    No sequels eh.. I didn’t particularly like the first one so I’m not to bothered with this.. I fortunately haven’t seen any of the Cars movies in their entirety, since I always thought they looked like shit, so I don’t know where Finding Nemo would rank. Probably the lowest for me..

  • Zac

    This is all part of desperate attempt from Stanton to save his career. This probably has to one of the lowest risk moves, financially, Disney could have made. Blame John Carter.

  • Kasper

    For me to have any interest in a sequel it would have to go in a completely different direction than the original and not try to rehash all the various characters that showed up just for the sake of keeping things similar. I want him to go on a new adventure and meet new characters.

  • scott

    I don’t know how you guys missed it, but I’ll give you the reason Pixar is doing these sequels. When they made that huge deal with Disney and got tons of money and goodies, one of the deal points was that they had to do a sequel every other year. So, one year they do an original film, the next they do a sequel, and repeat. Seems like the sequels are not a good idea. But, I’m glad Stanton gets another big directing gig to redeem himself. Really, really enjoyed JOHN CARTER. Guess the marketing was deliberately opaque to surprise the viewers. I did that with my comic and it turned into a similar disaster. Overlooked the fact I don’t have a giant event like Death of Superman to lead into my story like Reign of the Supermen had.

  • Possum Hunter

    I can’t say that Finding Nemo is a film that screams out for a sequel but then I thought the same about Toy Story and loved both parts 2 and 3 so in Pixar I trust.

    I watched John Carter last night for the first time and rather enjoyed it. It didn’t blow me away but I did find myself going along for the ride and in many ways I preferred it over the rather ‘green preachy’ Avatar. I think the biggest problem with the film was the marketing, you couldn’t really tell what it was about and I think they should have made it more obvious that it was based on the Edgar Rice Burroughs novel – A Princess of Mars.

  • patrik

    #11 They’ve done sequels two years in a row though, right? With Toy Story 3 and Cars 2.. Of course the reason is money, what else would it be?

  • Steve

    Still holding out for A Bug’s Life 2.