Open Forum Friday: Should Spider-Man Be in The Avengers 2?

With fans currently divided over whether or not The Amazing Spider-Man is a worthwhile re-envisioning of one of Marvel’s key characters, one of the obvious questions being asked is whether The Avengers may have overshadowed this smaller scale reboot. The new version of Spidey has a lot less star power and special effects muscle, but it’s also worth noting that Marvel’s handling of their own superheroes feels inherently more confident and assured than other studios. You would think that Marvel would have been limited by the fact that their A-list heroes had already been licensed out, but they clearly made the best of the situation. Still, you have to wonder… will there ever come a time that the X-Men, Fantastic Four, Spider-Man and other franchises might crossover with the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

As it turns out, a juicy little rumour started up last week when Andrew Garfield was spotted in New York carrying a stack of Avengers comic books. It was also recently revealed that Marvel and Sony previously tried to insert the Oscorp building into the New York skyline of The Avengers. Clearly the financial arrangements behind something like this would be *very* complicated, but if they’re looking for a way to make The Avengers 2 even bigger than its predecessor, this would be one way to do it. What do you think? Would you like to see Marvel have access to some of their flagship titles again? Would a collaboration like this be mutually beneficial for both studios? Could you actually see Andrew Garfield fitting into the cast of The Avengers 2? Give us your thoughts here on Open Forum Friday.

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  • Sloth

    I think the Tobey Maguire Spiderman would be a better fit, since he didn’t join the Avengers until he was an adult. At least make a couple more Amazing Spiderman movies before including him in the Avengers. Maybe not the second Avengers, but maybe the third or something.

  • Luis Martinez

    For all of you saying spiderman powers are a weak compared to hulk Thor and iron man. Your wrong, in the comics a robot spiderman destroys all of the avengers, then the real spiderman and defeats the robot. That means he’s stronger than all of the avengers.

  • sean

    Spider-man can’t be in the avengers…. The rights are owned by fox and Disney owns the rights to the others!

  • Mason

    I say an after the credits cameo in avengers 2, then fully put him in 3