Joe Eszterhas Releases E-Book About His Mel Gibson Experience

Just when you thought the Mel Gibson vs. Joe Eszterhas feud had finally cooled down and subsided, along comes Episode 5: Eszterhas Strikes Back. You may remember that Eszterhas wrote the screenplay for Mel Gibson’s upcoming Judah Maccabee film and that Warner Brothers passed on the project. Both Gibson and Eszterhas essentially blamed each other, with Eszterhas throwing around more accusations of verbal abuse and anti-semitic comments. Mel Gibson claimed that the accusations were unfounded until an audio recording of one of his tirades found its way online. Gibson then threatened to sue. Now this week Joe Eszterhas is laying out his side of the story for all to see by releasing a short e-book called Heaven and Mel. Oh snap!

The book was released as a Kindle Single on Amazon this past weekend, and is now available for download for $2.99. The synopsis is as follows:

“Joe Eszterhas and Mel Gibson had a global confrontation in April of this year over their movie “The Maccabees”. “Heaven and Mel” is Eszterhas’s explosive, unabridged, no-holds-barred account. It is a Hollywood story but it’s not. It is the story of love and hatred, of anti-Semitism and fathers and sons, and of a movie star’s tragic sexual obsession. It is the story of God and the Devil, devastating but often hilarious. It is Joe Eszterhas at his best: two-fisted, movingly sensitive, always outrageous.”

Obviously, it’s hard to say how truthful the whole thing is, but at this point I think we all know that it can’t be an “utter fabrication” as Gibson once claimed. As sketchy as it may be, it’s hard not to be curious. Plus there is probably a good chance that Mel will try to stop it from being sold, which means it may only be available for a short time. Are you interested in reading Heaven and Mel? Is this a brilliant way for Eszterhas to take revenge or is it a total dick move?

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  • kyri

    fuck Joe Eszterhas

  • Esterhas is a has-been/never-should-have-been who fooled Hollywood into thinking his writing was worth a damn. He’s a scumbag opportunist and he should just go away forever.

    I make no apologies for Mel Gibson’s behavior but when I consder the forgiveness that Hollywood has in its hearts for the likes of Roman Polanski and Mike Tyson, I find it hard to beat up on Mel. Hollywood forgives rape but not racism. And they hated Mel long before the allegations of domestic abuse came up so it isn’t that.

    Mel is a troubled soul with too many demons, but as long as he’s the victim of these double-standards I’m going to feel bad for him.

    Vince Neil killed a guy and is a rock god; Roman Polanski raped a 14 year old and hundreds of celebrities sign a petition to get him released when he’s arrested in Europe; Mike Tyson raped a woman and he’s given a role in The Hangover Mel Gibson is a racist and he’s shunned and can’t get work, even in the damn Hangover sequel.

    Why is racism unacceptable and violence against women okay? Shouldn’t they both deserve our scorn? And in the case of Gibson, he’s actually openly apologized for his statements and actions. Whether it was sincere is beside the point because Tyson & Polanski have never admitted to feeling guilty or apologized.

    So I have a tough time hating Gibson when the rest of the scumbags and villains of Hollywood are touted as heroes.

    Plus, he was Lt. Riggs so…

  • Kasper

    In the words of kyri, fuck Joe Eszterhas.

    While sure, it’s not good to be a racist, that’s Mel’s own personal business – it doesn’t physically hurt anyone. Where as, as theocean85 mentions, raping a 14 year old or killing a person certainly does. The double standards are as crazy as only Hollywood can be.

  • Eisenpimmel

    Poor Mel, the devil made him do it. Or was it the alcohol?

  • Scott

    Actually I imagine that most of the “book” is a fabrication. No doubt Gibson has his demons but he admitted from the get-go that he had lost his temper and yelled at Joe when he found out that Joe hadn’t done the work he had been paid to do. And he apologized to him about it. Gibson said that the rest of Joe’s accusations were BS and the audio recording that was released later bears that out.

    So yeah, fuck Joe.

  • Nils

    love the title
    wont read the book
    dont give a shit about all this

    ps: mel gibson is awesome

  • Jarrod

    You people should be more upset that “Jade” actually got made….

  • 1138sw

    “While sure, it’s not good to be a racist, that’s Mel’s own personal business – it doesn’t physically hurt anyone”

    By Kasper

    Are you saying RACISM doesn’t hurt anyone??? Or Mel’s own Racism doesn’t hurt anyone?? Even physically??? What are you saying???

    I will give you the benefit of the doubt and allow you to clarify your statement because as of now that statement, as is, is just really really ASININE.

  • 1138sw

    P.S. Yes Vince Neil, Mike Tyson or Polanski committed crimes with Tyson having paid his dues with a prison sentence something the other two can’t say the same. Racism is RACISM period. The acts of other criminals do not mitigate the acts of another F’D up individual…that’s just ridiculous regardless of the hypocrisy in hollywood…we shouldn’t be making excuses for either of these guys….

    RACISM IS BAD PERIOD. and I like Gibson but he’s a seriously F’D UP dude!

  • 1138sw

    P.S.S And once you start displaying your racism in public and carrying on like a drunken fool, it’s not private anymore.

  • kyri

    If people truly worry about racism what about the host of celebrity apprentice: Donald Trump… Oh I see.. apparently racism in the US doesn’t count if it is for latinos blacks and muslim people.