Kevin Smith Launches SModcast Internet TV, AMC Renews Comic Book Men

If you happen to be a fan of Kevin Smith and you enjoy not only listening to the man speak but also watching him speak too, we’ve got some exciting news for you this week. His Secret Stash-based reality show Comic Book Men has been renewed for a second season by AMC, but even bigger than that is the news that Smith is launching his own internet television network. Many of the personalities you know and love from his SModcast podcast network will be taking part in regular video podcasts and debuting some new shows including Mewes News and ComicHead. The network is now live as of last week and Kevin Smith is continuing to slowly build himself a career outside of filmmaking. Hit the jump for the initial programming schedule and additional details regarding SModcast Internet Television.

According to the press release, the basic schedule for SModcast Internet Television (S.I.T.) will be as follows:

  • Monday: Get Old / Babble On Classic — Pre-recorded video of previous episodes of Jay & Silent Bob Get Old and Hollywood Babble On Live
  • Tuesday: Smarchives — A look into the history of Kevin Smith’s family and SModCo
  • Wednesday: Mewes News — Jason Mewes rambles on about whatever headlines he happens to find interesting
  • Thursday: The SModCo Cartoon Show — animated shorts from Ken Plume, Steve Stark and Powerhouse Animation
  • Friday: Smorning Show Live — Their Friday morning talk show hosted by Smith and his wife broadcast live

Smith also promises a couple of additional shows that are in the works including Fat Man on Batman and the return of Jay Mewes’ roleplaying podcast Crimson Mystical Mages. Perhaps most intriguing of all is the mention of a new scripted series coming in 2013 entitled Kneel Before SMod. Could this be Kevin Smith’s way of ensuring that he continues to write and direct fictional material but on his own terms? Either way, there’s a lot of free content in the works here. Are you excited about Smith’s foray into internet TV or are you more interested in the audio podcasts? Is he potentially spreading himself too thin?

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  • Steve

    It is insane how much Kevin Smith looks like Greg.

  • rusty

    I think I’m done with Kevin Smith. It seems dude is more about quantity of content over quality at this point.

  • atrueprodigy31

    Get off Kevin Smith’s dick Sean!

  • Henrik

    Kevin Smith became awesome..

  • Sly

    Kevin who?