Neil Marshall Setting Sail with The Last Voyage of the Demeter

The Dracula story has been told many times and in many forms over the years and now Hollywood is ready to take another stab at the material with The Last Voyage of the Demeter. This latest retelling will take a more specific focus on Bram Stoker’s tale as the film portrays Dracula’s journey from Transylvania to London on board the ship Demeter, where the crew is systematically picked off by the mysterious passenger. The project has undergone a lengthy and troubled history, having gone through several directors such as Robert Schwentke and Marcus Nispel, as well as David Slade who had Ben Kingsley and Noomi Rapace attached before the deal fell through. Now, none other than Neil Marshall has signed on to direct, marking a return to the horror genre where he first made his name.

After the initial success Marshall made with horror efforts Dog Soldiers and The Descent, reception has been mixed on his most recent films Doomsday and Centurion. Perhaps a return to horror is exactly what he needs. I could see this premise working very well for him, especially if the film is told from the crew’s point of view. It would offer enough of a change to be “fresh” while also retaining the Dracula mythos. There’s no telling whether this film will be Marshall’s next in line since he has several projects in the works, including Burst 3D, Hellfest, and Underground. Are you excited to see Marshall return to horror? How do you think he’ll handle the material?

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