Magnolia to Release Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview in Theatres

It’s been seven months now since Steve Jobs, founder and CEO of Apple, lost his battle with pancreatic cancer and the general public is apparently still clamoring for ways to celebrate and remember his life. We’ve seen the release of his official biography by Walter Isaacson and we’ve also had two different biopics pop up in development (one of which will star Ashton Kutcher as Jobs). Now for more proof that you can capitalize on anything related to Jobs, a lost interview with the visionary will be heading to theatres this month in its unedited form.

Magnolia Pictures recently acquired the rights to Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview, an hour-long interview with Jobs from 1995 that was once thought to be lost. It was conducted by Robert Cringely during the making of his TV series Triumph of the Nerds and features him talking about the history of Apple, his forced departure from the company in 1985, and his overall vision of the future. Keep in mind, this is not a documentary… it’s just an uncut interview. Is this really worth releasing in theatres? I guess we will find out soon enough. Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview hits select theatres on May 11th and will be released on DVD and VOD later this summer. Check out a trailer after the jump and see what you think.

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  • Seriously? I need to go to a movie theatre to watch an interview of Steve Jobs? He’s that important?

    Do I need to bring an offering? Will hymns be sung? Babies baptized?

  • paulm

    “Is this really worth releasing in theatres?”

    and screw Apple until they make Final Cut Pro 7 64 bit…