Brad Bird Teaming Up with Damon Lindelof for Secret Disney Project 1952

If you’ve been wondering whether or not Brad Bird would stay in the live action arena after the success of his last film Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, the answer seems to be a definite yes. It has been announced this week that he is attached to direct an upcoming project for Disney called 1952, which they are hoping will be his next movie. Don’t get confused though — this isn’t the San Francisco earthquake movie he’s been trying to set up for years now. That one is called 1906 and as far as we know it’s been put on hold indefinitely. 1952 is a top secret sci-fi project being written by Lost co-creator Damon Lindelof. What is it about? Unfortunately, that’s top secret.

The news comes courtesy of Deadline, although they don’t really have any other details to share. All we know is that the movie is a “big scale tent pole film” and Damon Lindelof wrote the script with Jeff Jensen. A quick Google search reveals that Jensen is an Entertainment Weekly writer who regularly blogged about Lost and had a continuing video feature called Totally Lost. Weird.

When the project was first announced last year, it was also said to be an “original large-scale science fiction feature film” aimed at a family audience, and that they were hoping it would crossover to multiple platforms like video games and comics. Well, that sounds like pretty much every major blockbuster nowadays. Still, Brad Bird’s involvement definitely makes this movie a lot more intriguing, and despite the mixed feelings I have about how Lost wrapped up, I’m still interested in seeing what Lindelof comes up with next. What are your thoughts on 1952?

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  • Its !952 not 1925, which also might be a cool movie.

  • Oops. At least I got it right in the title. Fixed.

  • This is amazing news. Utter faith in both those creatives.

  • Lucas3D

    Meanwhile Andrew Stanton was traded with the Cartoon Network in exchange for Poptarts :(