Netflix Looking to Resurrect Jericho?

Last month Netflix announced that they had posted a loss for the first quarter of 2012, but that they had gained 1.7 million subscribers in the U.S. With numbers nearly back to where they were in the middle of last year, it appears that they may have finally recovered from their price increase and the whole Qwikster fiasco. However, with a lot of major content deals continuing to expire, it’s becoming clear that the future Netflix probably lies in original programming. The relaunch of Arrested Development next year is going to be a huge boost for them, and now it looks like they’re hoping to bring back another short-lived fan favourite: the CBS sci-fi drama Jericho.

For those unfamiliar with the show, Jericho centered on the inhabitants of a fictional town in Kansas who struggle to maintain order after 23 major cities in the United States suffer nuclear attacks of unknown origin. The show starred Skeet Ulrich, Ashley Scott, Lennie James and Kenneth Mitchell, and ran for one season on CBS before being canceled. After fans petitioned the network, it was renewed for a second season, only to be canceled again when then ratings continued to drop. Would anyone really want to bring it back for a third time?

According to TV Guide, Netflix has noticed that episodes of Jericho continue to be very popular on their streaming service some four years later. They have reportedly been talking to CBS about the possibility of continuing the show, although it’s unclear whether it will be financially viable for both networks. On the bright side, none of the major cast members have really gone on to do anything all that spectacular, which means they could be available. The story has also continued in comic book form, so there is plenty of content to draw from. Would you be interested in seeing more episodes of Jericho? And is all of this original programming a good move for Netflix?

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  • Kasper

    If they’re reviving an old doomsday series I’d much rather see Jeremiah back on the air rather than Jericho.

  • jj p styles

    First comment, wooot!!

    Netflix will have to wait till normal television becomes boring before it can really take over the market and i still like having stuff shown to me sometimes and not have to choose. It feels more special, like your being gifted this opportunity to appreciate something you might enjoy with the rest of the world.


  • jj p styles

    Back again…

    Second comment, boooo!!


  • Colin

    Three words…

    Skeet skeet, motherfucker.

  • Bob

    So Netflix really is just HBO minus the cable/sattelite delivery option? There are worse things in the world to be, I supposed. Puts a lot of pressure on Netflix to deliver in ways that not even HBO needs to since HBO has the partnerships with cable and satellite TV companies to push subscriptions.

  • I was also going to mention how it seems like Netflix is sort of evolving into something that more closely resembles a premium cable channel since they now have more of a focus on original programming to go along with their rotating library of streaming movies and television programs. I live in the Pittsburgh area, where a new Eli Roth-produced Netflix series, “Hemlock Grove”, will be shooting this summer. While I never did watch “Jericho”, I AM pretty interested in seeing what other properties they might revive to join that and “Arrested Development” on their slate.

  • Justice

    Yes, let’s resurrect a show that has already been cancelled twice. That sounds like a winning plan. It appears that Netflix has given up on actually acquiring quality movies to stream, which was the entire purpose of it existing. I for one would forgo a new season of Arrested Development for a steady supply of quality movies, and I love the shit out of AD.

  • Pam

    Would I like to see Jericho back? Heck YEAH!!! Best written show in years!!! My whole family loved it!! And to think I almost cancelled my Netflix subscription!!
    If Netflix brings back Jericho, they have my family as members for life!!!

  • Me

    Yes! Bring back Jericho!!

  • Nick

    I love the show Jericho to bring it back would be outstanding I personally know a lot of people who would love to watch it and I think it can really work this time please make a strong effort to bring it back to life

  • If Netflix and NBC bring back Jericho I’m good to watch it.

  • The Black Lodge

    Bring back Twin Peaks

  • Amanda

    Great show, id definately watch it and both my sons would too!

  • Jes

    I’m not sure how much longer.. Or how well they could carry on the story to a third season… But it was a great show and I’d love to see what they could come up with!! JERICHO! JERICHO! JERICHO! :P