Elijah Wood Signs on for High Concept Indie Thriller Grand Piano

We live in a high-concept world when it comes to thrillers these days. Case in point: Rodrigo Cortes, director of Buried, is set to produce a new film which has been described as “Speed at a piano.” Elijah Wood has just signed on to star in the film, entitled Grand Piano. The story follows a great concert pianist who is overcome by stage fright and takes a five-year hiatus. On his return performance, he notices a threatening note on his sheet music. He’s then forced to give his greatest performance in order to save his life as well as his wife’s. Written by Damien Chazelle and directed by Eugenio Mira, Grand Piano is set to shoot by late summer in Spain and Chicago.

Although the premise admittedly sounds sort of on the ridiculous side, thrillers like this (confined mostly to one location, I’m assuming) have been proven to work in the past. Producer Rodrigo Cortes’ Buried, while divisive, had its share of fans and other films like Phone Booth have worked well using gimmicky setups. The addition of Elijah Wood provides the film with some legitimacy since he’s willing to fit this into his already busy schedule. This year alone he has Maniac debuting at Cannes, season 2 of Wilfred on FX, voice work on Tron: Uprising, and an appearance in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. What are your thoughts on Grand Piano? Does it sound too gimmicky for you to give it a chance or can you foresee something good coming of it?

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  • LordAwesome

    Dear Lord, he looks like a deviant.

  • joe

    creepy elijah wood is creepy

  • Napalm

    ^ Lol @ top comments.

    It’s fucked up to see him not doing many films after LotR. I’m glad he’s finally back doing something… especially something in the thriller genre. I think he’d be great in those type of films. Btw, isn’t he doing another horror/thriller besides this? I’m kinda psyched for that too.