Kurtzman and Orci Take on Van Helsing Reboot Starring Tom Cruise

Some two decades after he played the vampire Lestat in Interview with the Vampire, Tom Cruise is apparently thinking about stepping into the shoes of the most famous vampire hunter of all, Bram Stoker’s Van Helsing. Universal has been looking to set up a new take on the character ever since Stephen Sommers’ 2004 film starring Hugh Jackman drew the ire of both fans and critics alike. Now they are turning to Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, the tried and true screenwriting team behind such box office hits as Transformers and Star Trek, in order to make it a reality. The project is part of a new two-year first-look deal that they just signed with Universal — this despite the fact that their last big movie Cowboys & Aliens was a pretty major flop.

According to Variety, Kurtzman and Orci will develop and produce the new Van Helsing film with Tom Cruise currently on board as both a producer and a star. The project makes sense in a way, because Stephen Sommers was originally handed Van Helsing after directing The Mummy and The Mummy Returns for Universal in the early 2000s, and Kurtzman and Orci are now involved as producers on their new reboot of The Mummy. Guillermo Del Toro was also previously attached to this new Van Helsing project back in 2010, which apparently led to him recruiting Tom Cruise for At The Mountains of Madness (even though it never received a greenlight).

Kurtzman and Orci were also recently hired to rewrite The Amazing Spider-Man sequel. Clearly they are now the go to guys when you want a guaranteed blockbuster, which is ironic considering that the writing is usually one of the weakest parts of their most successful projects. Are you a fan of Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci’s films? Are you interested in seeing Tom Cruise play Van Helsing, and who would you like to see direct?

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  • 1138sw

    After their horrible scripts for Star Trek and Transformers Kurtzman and Orci proved to me that they are incapable of writing a good movie.

    I can’t see these two guiding a possible franchise like Van Helsing without making it seem crass and juvenile.

    To be honest I am actually surprised Cruise would attach himself to a project associated with these two…though he is pretty desperate in trying to revive/regain his status as a A list movie star for some time now, so his desperation may explain this current movie role choice.

  • 1138sw

    P.S. I definitely cannot see Cruise as Van Helsing…he just does not fit the part.

  • Gerry

    I really liked Van Helsing and Star Trek so I’m up for it. Transformers films were shit though. Hmmmmmmmm.

  • I am with Gerry on this one, Star Trek was good and I enjoyed Van Helsing, but Transformers left more than a little to be desired.

    1138sw – you definitely have a point about Tom Cruise trying desperately to regain his former glory and the questionable scripting on the movies does not necessarily bode well. However, I am sure it will make plenty of money regardless of end result.

  • swarez

    I loved the whole concept for Van Helsing, up to a point, not a fan of the James Bond-isms in it, but Sommers managend to create a steaming pile of shit from it, like his Mummy films.
    I’m all for a reboot but it would be great to see someone who knows his shit about the genre tackle it. Maybe they’ll get a competent director this time around.

  • Maopheus

    I like the concept of Van Helsing as a monster-fighter, but the concept needs to go in a different direction. Instead of trying to throw every one of the standard Universal monsters into one movie with no forethought, it’d have to start organically. Again, even though I like the concept, I don’t know that it’s worth producing another movie, or possible franchise based on the character.

  • Brendan

    Hey, maybe Cruise can play dual roles and hunt down his character “Lestat” from Interview with the Vampire!