The Ring to Get a Paranormal Activity-Style Reboot?

A couple of years ago, Paramount was in the process of setting up a 3D sequel to The Ring called (you guessed it) Ring 3D. A script had been written by David Loucka (Dream House) and it seemed like they were ready to move forward with it, but then… it never happened. Perhaps it was the waning interest in 3D or perhaps it was the lack of an attached director, but now they’ve apparently chosen to start over from scratch instead. And by starting over from scratch, I mean rebooting the series, likely in the low budget found footage style of Paranormal Activity. Personally, I just want to know how they will explain the existence of a VHS tape in the year 2012.

In a recent interview with THR, Paramount Film Group president Adam Goodman hinted at The Ring getting rebooted as a microbudget film under the Insurge banner:

“The thing we’re most proud of is that the three Paranormal movies, Jackass 3D, The Devil Inside and Justin Bieber: Never Say Never were all made for $41 million or $42 million combined, and they have just crossed $1 billion at the global box office. The Ring is something that really lends itself to this format right now, so we’re talking to [producer] Walter Parkes about doing something with that.”

This seems to coincide with what producer Roy Lee told Bloody Disgusting back in November about Paramount seeking pitches from writers to reboot both The Ring and The Grudge. It’s true that The Ring seems especially well-suited to the found footage format, and the idea of something propagating itself like a virus makes even more sense in the age of YouTube. I guess they just have to find the right person to make it happen. Would you be interested in a microbudget reboot of The Ring?

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  • 1138sw

    found footage again??? what will it be on? A recorder with a SSD drive? A thumb drive? A portable HD? or perhaps the footage will be streamed on through some video portal like youtube?

    Geez if you’ve seen the original Japanese version you’re kind of done. I mean you just can’t beat the original.

    Besides I am sick of found footage movies…if you can’t make “found footage” fresh why bother?

  • rjdelight

    Don’t watch this youtube clip or you will die.

  • milath

    Odd news since apparently they made a new Ring movie in Japan as well. ‘Sadako 3-D’.

    I guess they’re dealing with the 3-D craze there as well. heh

  • swarez

    It would have to be about hipster VHS collectors who go after old tapes like old vinyl.