Monday Morning Box Office Report: Think Like a Man Outwits The Hunger Games

Well we all knew that The Hunger Games would have to relinquish the box office crown eventually, but I certainly didn’t think it would be a movie I had never heard of that would dethrone it. Think Like a Man came out of nowhere to earn $33 million on 2000 screens over the weekend. Who knew that a comedy based on a book written by Family Feud host Steve Harvey would be such a big hit? It even bested the Nicholas Sparks adaptation The Lucky One starring Zac Efron, which also topped The Hunger Games and placed second. Meanwhile Disney’s Chimpanzee turned in a respectable $10.2 million at #4, and The Three Stooges rounded out the top 5. The Cabin in the Woods also had a pretty good second weekend, unlike Lockout which has already fallen right out of the top 10.

1. Think Like a Man — $33M
2. The Lucky One — $22.8M
3. The Hunger Games — $14.5M
4. Chimpanzee — $10.2M
5. The Three Stooges — $9.2M
6. The Cabin in the Woods — $7.75M
7. American Reunion — $5.23M
8. Titanic — $5M
9. 21 Jump Street — $4.6M
10. Mirror Mirror — $4.11M

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  • The Hunger Games was disposable media. Short lifespan to be disposed of quickly.

    Think Like A Man is disposable media. Short lifespan to be disposed of quickly.

    The next thing that makes it to the top of the hit parade will with almost certainty be disposable media.

    Very little of it is meant to endure. Very few of the consumers want media that will deserve to endure.

    Thank goodness for Louie. An iTunes user review I read calls each episode a “shorter, dirtier Woody Allen movie”. I don’t know if it’ll restore my faith in media but it’s a worthy safe harbor.

  • Anthony

    ^ Hipster alert

  • andrew

    ahhhhhhh hipster

  • Kasper


  • Colin

    “Who knew that a comedy based on a book written by Family Feud host Steve Harvey would be such a big hit?”

    Film Junk just does not get Black people.

  • So there IS a white guy in the movie? If they would have pushed that more in the trailers, maybe it would have made some money for us in the ‘burbs. It doesn’t matter how successful these black comedies that might not necessarily be black comedies that are totally seen by suburban white folks as “black” comedies do overall, they always play to nearly empty auditoriums in my theater in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, and that’s if we get them at all. We’re like “The Land that Tyler Perry Forgot”. Actually, scratch that, it’s “The Land That Forgot Tyler Perry…Except For When He Was In Star Trek”. Steve Harvey is hosting Family Feud now? Maybe not for long if his movies keep doing well. Good for him.

  • hehe….hipster. Try fat star trek fanboy.

  • Was that directed to me? I don’t understand. Also, I don’t think that fat Star Trek fanboys would even know that that was Tyler Perry in Star Trek. They’re reeeaaalllly not going to recognize Steve Harvey…unless maybe there was a Star Trek week on Family Feud.

  • Oh no PlanB – I meant that fat star trek fan much better describes me than hipster.

    Hell I suspect a real hipster would weep into his fancy drink if they heard me being called a hipster.