Vince Vaughn to Star in The Rockford Files

Another ’70s cop show is about to make the jump to the big screen as Universal Pictures is currently in the process of setting up a feature film adaptation of The Rockford Files. The original show aired between 1974 and 1980 on NBC and starred James Garner as Jim Rockford, a private eye who spent a few years in prison before setting up shop in a mobile home near Malibu Beach. It was created by novelist Roy Huggins, the man behind such memorable shows as The Fugitive and Maverick (the latter of which also starred James Garner). Vince Vaughn is attached to star and produce in the movie, which leads to one very important question: will this be a comedy or a drama?

According to Deadline, Universal was contemplating a TV reboot of The Rockford Files up until last year with Dermot Mulroney in the lead role. The project was shelved after they were unimpressed by the pilot, but they have now hired David Levien and Brian Koppelman to write a script for the feature film version. The duo recently wrote an online gambling movie called Runner Runner that now has Justin Timberlake and Ben Affleck attached, but they are best known for writing Rounders, Ocean’s Thirteen and The Girlfriend Experience.

Vince Vaughn has focused almost exclusively on comedies over the past decade (Into the Wild being one of the only exceptions), so it’s possible that this movie is being eyed as another Starsky & Hutch-style parody of the ’70s. Still, something tells me it doesn’t have the name recognition to work on that level and based on Levien and Koppelman’s previous films it sounds like they’re taking it somewhat seriously. If it does end up being played as a straight drama, it could be an interesting change of pace for Vince Vaughn and his career. Are there any fans of The Rockford Files out there? What do you think of a movie adaptation starring Vince Vaughn?

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  • rjdelight

    Get the right director and this could be amazing. Hopefully it is a period piece.

  • I could see that – NICE!!

  • I was a big fan of The Rockford Files and Vince Vaughn would make a great Jim Rockford.

    The TV series had a lot of comic relief moments so I can see them sticking to that format, which is right up Vaughn’s alley.

    The question is, will they have the same iconic theme song?

  • If it’s as good as THE A-TEAM, I’m in, but couldn’t they get Garner to do it?

  • Liney

    Good shout MovieViewerman – I was born in ’75, and literally all I know or remember about The Rockford Files is the end credits and theme song, which seemed to be on a permanent loop in my early childhood.

    Funny how it’s often only the credits that you remember from shows that were on in your childhood – I’m thinking they must have run repeats of this in the afternoon in the UK, and I’d catch the end of it before getting stuck into some serious kids TV.