Todd Phillips to Produce Clown Remake Starring Danny McBride

With the final season of Eastbound & Down wrapping up on Sunday, Danny McBride’s schedule is wide open once again. He’s been attaching himself to quite a few projects over the past few years including Seth Rogen and Jay Baruchel’s The Apocalypse, Jody Hill’s L.A.P.I. and Todd Phillips’ The Chadster, and now it looks like he will also be adding another Todd Phillips production to his plate called Clown. The movie is a remake of a Danish flick called Klovn, a raunchy comedy that has received plenty of comparisons to The Hangover. Danny McBride will write the script and star in the film. The plot synopsis is as follows:

“Casper and Frank plan a canoeing trip deemed ‘Tour de Pussy’ in which they plan to party hard and have as much sex as possible. Then, Frank discovers his girlfriend is pregnant and wants to get rid of the baby. She’ll only relent if he can prove he’ll be a worthy father. Frank’s answer is to take her 11-year old son on the canoe trip, but he and his buddy don’t change any of their plans for debauchery.”

The Danish movie was based on a TV series of the same name created by Casper Christensen and Frank Hvam, who are also listed as producers on the remake. The U.S. version will make at least one minor change, which is that the kid will be 13 years old as opposed to 11.

This is expected to be one of Danny McBride’s next projects as he will begin working on it immediately. No word yet on who might direct, however. Has anyone out there seen the original Klovn? Does the remake sound like a good fit for Danny McBride?

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  • Kasper

    Klovn’s hilarious, though I can’t picture Danny McBride neither as Frank nor Casper. Also the kid is just Frank’s nephew – not Frank’s girlsfriends son.

    Also the movie is hardly like The Hangover at all, at least not in my opinion. It’s more like Curb Your Enthusiasm, which the tv-show (which the movie is a continuation of) is also greatly inspired by.

  • Henrik

    I hope they keep it as edgy as the Danish film, otherwise it will obviously be hard not to be disappointed…

  • swarez

    I seriously doubt that the kid’s age will be the only thing that is going to be different. Anal sex, under age full frontal male genitalia and cock in mouth are not exactly things that you see in US film production these days.

  • Palladio81

    Caught Klovn at a film festival a couple months back and it is completely fresh and hilarious. Definitely pushes boundaries in terms of sexual-based humor and there were many shocked gasps and uncomfortable laughs during the screening I was at. Agreed with Kaspar though – nothing like The Hangover and also can’t picture McBride and his typical schtick in either of the main roles. In the least I’m excited that the remake might raise enough interest to get us a North American release of the TV series and movie.