Need for Speed Movie in Development

When it comes to movies based on video games, the large majority of adaptations released to date have been based on horror and fighting games. I guess it makes sense in a way, since both genres can generally get by without much story and are fairly cheap to produce. However, there are a lot of other video game genres that have gone untapped thus far, some of which would make a lot of sense as movies. Take, for instance, racing games. While many of them are obviously thin on plot, the success of the Fast & Furious movie franchise kind of make this genre a no brainer. As it turns out, EA is in the process of setting up a movie based on their popular Need for Speed series and several major studios are now showing serious interest.

According to Variety, EA has hired Real Steel scribe John Gatins and his brother George to adapt Need for Speed into a feature film. They are very clearly modeling it after The Fast and the Furious series, although it’s unclear if they will be focusing on underground street racing or a more “respectable” open road rally. Something tells me the former is more likely, especially given the recurring theme of outrunning cops throughout the various games. It is also unclear if they will reuse story elements from the most recent Need for Speed game, Need for Speed: The Run, which was the first installment to feature a full-blown plot involving an “illicit, high-stakes race” from San Francisco to New York.

Paramount, Warner Brothers and Sony are all said to be circling the rights to the game series, with Universal opting out due to the close competition with their own Fast & Furious films. Either way, I think there’s a very good chance this could be successful. The games have grossed over $100 million thus far, and EA continues to churn new installments every year. What do you think, is a Need for Speed movie actually worth making?

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  • Maopheus

    Makes me wonder why they didn’t try this a long time ago. The NFS franchise is pretty old by now, you’d think someone would have attempted a movie adaptation by now.

  • Steve

    I’m curious to see how they make it different from the F&F franchise.