Monday Morning Box Office Report: The Hunger Games Stays on Top, Lockout Bombs Out

The Hunger Games continued to reign atop the box office for the fourth straight week as none of the new releases were able to catch it, although The Three Stooges wasn’t that far off. The last movie to spend four weeks at the top of the box office was James Cameron’s Avatar, and we all know how much money that movie made. The Hunger Games is now the 22nd highest grossing movie of all time in the U.S., but when all is said and done it might even crack the top 15. The Three Stooges debuted to $17.1 million, the best opening for a Farrelly Brothers comedy since Shallow Hal in 2001, while The Cabin in the Woods did pretty good for a self-aware horror comedy, earning just under $15 mil. Titanic 3D and American Reunion rounded out the top 5. As for the weekend’s losers, Luc Besson’s Lockout opened at #9 with a terrible $6.25 million and The Raid: Redemption also disappointed with just $1 million after expanding to over 800 screens. Where did all the action junkies disappear to?

1. The Hunger Games — $21.5M
2. The Three Stooges — $17.1M
3. The Cabin in the Woods — $14.8M
4. Titanic — $11.6M
5. American Reunion — $10.6M
6. Mirror Mirror — $7M
7. Wrath of the Titans — $6.91M
8. 21 Jump Street — $6.8M
9. Lockout — $6.25M
10. Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax — $3.02M

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  • Colin

    The Three Stooges actually charted… sad once again.

  • Kasper

    It’s sad to see The Three Stooges doing so well, while Lockout does so poorly :-(

  • Anthony

    You guys doing a review of Cabin in the woods for the podcast? I assume you and Jay would be the most interested.

  • Yep, it should be up later tonight.

  • Tomoo

    The Raid came everywhere around me but not in the place I actually live which I find strange since I think The Raid would get a good turnout in a college town.

  • Johnny

    Is the Cabin In The Woods a spoof movie?

  • rjdelight

    Will there be a Three Stooges review as well? You know, to conclude the Stooges saga that’s been featured on the podcast?

  • manjiscud

    I had never heard of Lockout until yesterday when a confused co worker described it as Luc Besson’s Space Prison.

  • IsaacNewton

    there is 1 big difference between all these movies and “the raid”. the facts are, for a forign movie with no tv commercials, the raid did fantastic. just watch, its gonna get bigger.