Seth MacFarlane’s Ted Trailer Starring Mark Wahlberg

After years of heading up one of the most successful animated shows on TV, Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane will finally make the jump to the big screen this year with his first feature film, Ted. The concept may seem a bit strange and a bit crass, but very familiar if you’re already a fan of MacFarlane’s work. Mark Wahlberg stars as John, a grown man who has a talking teddy bear that came to life as a result of a childhood wish. Now as an adult, he finds his relationships suffering as a result of his attachment to Ted.

The red band trailer debuted over on Funny or Die last night, and it definitely does not hold back on expletives, most of which are delivered by the CG teddy bear as voiced by MacFarlane himself. I’m a bit torn because I’m not a huge fan of Seth MacFarlane, but I do like seeing Mark Wahlberg in comedic roles and his natural naivete could be the perfect complement to the low brow jokes. Either way, the concept is so outrageous that it’s hard to resist, but I could also see this failing miserably. Ted hits theatres on July 13th; check out the trailer after the jump and see what you think.

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  • not hating it – mainly because there wasn’t any of that non sequitur bullshit Family Guy beats to death

  • csidle

    that looks fucking awesome

  • bilbo

    How is this any different than Wilfred?

  • I’ve never seen a full episode of Wilfred, but isn’t the main character the only who sees the dog as a man in a suit and can actually hear him talk? Either way, that’s a good point… it does seem pretty similar.

  • I’m digging it. Just wish the voice didn’t sound so similar to Peter from Family Guy.

  • Theman

    Family Guy > South Park….

    Fucking hate south park.

  • It’s going to be terrible. I agree with Drew on the voice. Being somewhere between Peter & Brian just isn’t working for me. Has the king of primetime voiceover finally run out of voices that sound different, or does he think keeping it similar will appeal to more of the Animation Domination crowd

  • 1138sw

    I want to like it more but it wasn’t funny enough? If those are the best bits then it wasn’t funny enough. Is just cursing supposed to be funny?

    Also isn’t Marky Mark a little old for Mila?

  • I feel like I’m the only one who can like both Family Guy and South Park. What’s the big deal? They both suck in large doses, but watching an episode or two every now and then seems to be just right.

    As for this movie and not being able to get over the whole voice sounds like Peter thing, get over it! Every CGI and animated movie has voices we recognize. I’ll be checking this movie out

  • rjdelight

    the fuck thunder song was amazing.

  • Sure we hear some of the greats like Billy West, Maurice LaMarche, Frank Welker…etc on a fairly regular basis and have since we were kids (those of us that are not STILL kids), but not the same way we do have do with Seth MacFarlane. I dont watch half the shows the others make a career of, but Between Family Guy, The Cleveland Show & American Dad, MacFarlane is in my face all day every day. If you live in the states, check your local listings and see how many times a day one of those shows is on morning, noon & night and then tell me again to get over it.

    I hear what Adam is saying, but dont think it’s quite the same thing.

  • Anthony

    “Family Guy > South Park….

    Fucking hate south park.”

    Yeah, and Two and a half men is funnier than Arrested Development as well.

  • Anthony

    “I’m digging it. Just wish the voice didn’t sound so similar to Peter from Family Guy”

    To be fair, that’s essentially Seth Macfarlane’s voice.

  • Okay, I’ll admit, the scenes with the bear were pretty funny.

  • From interviews I get that Macfarlane’s voice is more like Brian the dogs voice, and honestly I would rather the bear sound like that. But it doesn’t matter, I think the movie looks awesome, and the voice isn’t that big of a deal.

  • AmKe

    the lulz will be had, oh yes

  • jarny

    the ppl saying it is a rip off of wilfred this movie is like 3 years in the making so nope it isnt a rip off but it is similar movie looks funny

  • Brendan

    People keep saying this is a Wilfred rip off, but doesn’t anyone remember the horrible sitcom Unhappily Ever After? It was created by the Married With Children guys and was pretty much a copy of that show, except the dad talked to a bunny puppet voiced by Bobcat Goldthwait. It came out in the mid 90s, so it predates Wilfred and Ted by a lot. Like Wilfred, only the dad could talk to the bunny.
    Hell, even Alf or Mr. Ed could be seen as the inspirations for all these. Just wanted to put it in perspective that Wilfred wasn’t an entirely original concept like some people think it was.

  • Well it looks like McFarlane’s love of easy jokes will be translated to the big screen.

  • Jp

    Wilfred was originally a tv show that started in Australia in 2007… yes it is a blatant rip off!

  • cto1011

    Well if you’re going to say that Wilfred is a ripoff of Unhappily Ever After, then why not reach even further and say it’s all a ripoff of Harvey starring Jimmy Stewart that came out in 1950. MacFarlane always “borrows” material from other shows, so I don’t see why this would be different.

  • lv

    This guy totally copied Wilfred the show.

  • Bakes

    Yes agreed – a copy of the australian tv series Wilfred… just done in the usual American way with a horrible storyline.