Ashton Kutcher to Star in Steve Jobs Biopic

Here’s yet another news story that sounds like it could be an April Fool’s joke, but alas it is not. Last night it was announced that Two and a Half Men star Ashton Kutcher has signed on to play the late Apple CEO and technology visionary Steve Jobs in an upcoming biopic. This is not the previously announced project in development over at Sony, but rather a second competing biopic that is hoping to be the first one out of the gate. While I’m sure Kutcher is probably not the first person that Apple fanboys would have wanted to play their deity on the big screen, the thing is, he may not actually be such a bad choice after all. I mean, just take a look at the resemblance in the pictures above… pretty crazy!

According to Variety, the project is tentatively titled Jobs and will be independently financed and produced by Five Star Institute’s Mark Hulme. Joshua Michael Stern will direct (best known for the Kevin Costner election comedy Swing Vote) from a script written by Matt Whiteley. Unlike the Sony project, which is based on the official biography by Walter Isaacson, this one does not appear to be drawing from any specific source material.

When all is said and done, this will probably end up being the lesser of the two movies, particularly if Aaron Sorkin ends up writing the script for the other Steve Jobs biopic as it has been previously rumoured. Still, I do think Ashton Kutcher could capture the intense and sometimes abrasive personality that Jobs had in his younger years, and we all know that he spent at least a few years of his career steeped in ’70s culture. At the very least, he’s gotta be better than Noah Wyle in Pirates of Silicon Valley… right? What do you think, could Ashton Kutcher make a decent Steve Jobs?

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  • with Jobs history of fasting, manic rage and cancer weight loss there is only one actor that fits the bill – Christian Bale!!!

  • kyri

    old news.

  • Colin

    @rus Nailed it.

  • Maopheus

    I guess it all depends on the tone that the film takes. Kutcher might be able to nail it if given the right script with the right tone. It might also work if the movie isn’t a strict cradle-to-grave biopic but rather focused on a shorter period of time. I don’t know that Kutcher can pull off Jobs in his older years. He’s certainly better suited to play Jobs young.

  • Jordan Siron

    Steve Jobs was a pretty complex guy, and there’s nothing Kutcher has done to demonstrate that he has the chops to pull this off. Now, were Jobs an aloof pretty-boy who existed solely to make other people look smarter…

    Alas, he shares a resemblance, and in this post-content era of Hollywood… well… that’s about all the studios care about. Why get a solid actor with a resemblance when you can get a recognizable actor who will sell tickets?