Beyond the Black Rainbow Trailer

Whoa… where the hell did this come from? Magnolia has released a trailer this week for a movie called Beyond the Black Rainbow, which I had not even heard of up until now, but let me tell you, it’s bound to turn a few heads. Beyond the Black Rainbow is a Canadian science-fiction film that seems to have its feet planted firmly in David Cronenberg territory, although I am also reminded of the works of David Lynch and George Lucas’ THX 1138. Director Panos Cosmatos is the son of George P. Cosmatos (yes, the same guy who did such ’80s classics as Rambo: First Blood Part II, Cobra, and Leviathan), but clearly seems to be doing his own thing here.

The story, as far as I can tell, has something to do with a doctor who is experimenting with mind control technology, although the official synopsis simply describes it as “a Reagan-era fever dream inspired by hazy childhood memories of midnight movies and Saturday morning cartoons.” The trailer does present some pretty unique and trippy visuals, although it also seems like it could run the risk of being an impenetrable mess. There’s no official release date yet but Magnolia will be releasing it sometime in 2012. In the meantime, check out the trailer after the jump and see if you can wrap your head around it!

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  • Curtis Williams

    i saw this trailer the other night, it looks pretty amazing.

  • Colin

    C/P from a forum I read where member opinions can be trusted:

    “It’s a plotless film that exists as a pastiche of sci-fi films. I think it tried to weave them together to create a narrative, but it fails miserably. Instead it tries to substitue using trippy imagery.

    It’s incredibly slow, and boring. The characters are just there, there’s nothing to define them, there’s nothing that would pull a person into being with this film. I’m still shocked that this was picked up for distribution… It fails on every level of storytelling.”

    Sounds like another Mr. Nobody situation

  • Looks/sounds like a “Tree of Life” in the dystopian future.

  • Napalm

    Saw the trailer the other day and was really impressed. Looks very Kubrick-esque.

    But Colin’s post just shat all over my anticipation/excitment.

  • csidle

    Looks interesting. The score in the 2nd half of the trailer was awesome. The latter half overall was pretty interesting — kind of felt like it was hinting at a Portal type of deal.

    Andrew: I don’t agree at all — maybe in the way that both are philosophical and abstract? — the photography and general visual style is way different.

  • Colin

    @Napalm: Funny you should mention that, because others have drawn that comparison from the trailer as well. However someone who saw the film said this:

    “A lot of people use the Kubrick comparison but they forget that Kubrick came up with those shots and wasn’t imitating. Comparing it to Kubrick is downright laughable.”

    On the positive side, the poster for the movie is absolutely fantastic:

  • tjg92

    From the name I thought this was going to be a documentary about the making of Coheed and Cambria’s latest album.

  • Darksiders

    there’s no story in this trailer.

  • I’ve seen it, and the trailer is pretty indicative of the film. It’s an incoherent mess, and rather too slow sometimes, but there are some pretty cool visual moments. And the score is good. It’s not in the trailer at all, but my favorite part was an almost wholly abstract flashback – it pulls the film into full-on experimental territory. It still doesn’t make any sense, but it least it worked on an abstract level. The rest of the film is pretty muddled, trying to be too many things at once.

  • Gil

    I don’t know… I’d turn off the porn to watch this.

  • Looks interesting! I’d watch it.

  • anton

    looks like its using its old school style as a gimmick. at least thats what i believe after being indoctrinated by Jay:)

  • Theman

    I have to say there is something inheratily charming about a modern film with an old school look. Especially when its done this well. But it could just be an excuse to have flash shit on screen. But I could forgive most of that if that chick got naked for most of it.

    She’s a peach 

  • Chris Knight

    I saw this film at Fantastic Film fest. Excuse my language but it was fucking brilliant. What a mind trip. Check it out if you can. Not for your normal movie goer.

  • Benjamin Dietze

    It does very well have a story (he’s making a point on the baby boomers/Woodstock generation and their fatal infatuation with the occult aka esotericism), but while the visuals are Kubrick, the mood and pacing are Tarkovsky (particularly “Stalker”). If you’re not into Tarkovsky to begin with, then it’s easy to see how you can’t get a grasp on “Beyond the black rainbow”, be it in mood, pacing, or about its narrative qualities.

    And what you should also keep in mind is that director Cosmatos wanted the film to resemble a faded childhood memory of a film you secretely saw on late-night TV that scared you as a kid, but you were too young to get the plot, so all you remember now as an adult are very creepy and vivid, overwhelming images and sceneries without knowing or remembering what they mean.

    That’s why Cosmatos chose to go all Tarkovsky in pacing and the way he lays out his narrative, plus he gave it the overwhelming Kubrick look with its giant WTF value like straight out of the last half hour of “2001”.