Robert Rodriguez’ Machete Sequel to Shoot in April

The end credits of Machete hinted at the possibility of not one but two sequels, although at the time it was unclear if this was merely a joke or if it was for real. However, when you consider that the movie itself was a self-fulfilling prophecy that grew out of a fake trailer created for Grindhouse, it only makes sense that both Machete Kills and Machete Kills Again would eventually become a reality as well. That being said, it is a little bit surprising that they are happening so soon. For a guy who has been attached to so many different projects over the past few years, you’d think that Robert Rodriguez would be far too busy to bother with another Machete movie right now. That doesn’t appear to be the case, as it is now being reported that the first sequel will begin shooting as early as this April.

According to Deadline, Machete Kills will be produced and financed by Russian-Ukrainian producer Alexander Rodnyansky, and Danny Trejo is already in talks to reprise the title role. The script was written by Kyle Ward (Kane & Lynch) and finds the U.S. government recruiting Machete to “take down a madman cartel leader and an eccentric billionaire arms dealer who has hatched a plan to spread war across the planet with a weapon in space.” I am assuming that Robert Rodriguez will actually direct it himself, but it’s unclear if his editor Ethan Maniquis will also be co-directing again.

I enjoyed Machete, but I do worry that this burgeoning franchise could easily run out of steam if they don’t find some creative ideas and an interesting supporting cast to surround Trejo with. Considering that the budget for these movies will probably continue to decrease, I’m not sure we’ll get anyone like Jessica Alba, Robert DeNiro or even Steven Seagal in the next one. On the bright side, it seems that from the plot synopsis, it should be an easy transition to the third film, the full title of which has been revealed to be Machete Kills Again … in Space. What do you think? Are you looking forward to a Machete sequel or is Robert Rodriguez wasting his time by churning out so many quick and easy sequels on the cheap?

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  • Kasper

    Odd, I thought his plan was to shoot both sequels at the same time to save money. Looking forward to it nonetheless. I hope some other awesome b-stars show up this time around. Perhaps Van Damme as a villain?

  • Why isn’t Rodriguez writing it? Kyle Ward??

  • Kasper

    #2 The less Rodriguez writes himself, the better. He’s pretty shitty as a writer, but great at directing this type of flick.

  • Fatbologna

    Couldn’t care less.

    Father’s Day and Hobo with a Shotgun are both far better entries in this (soon to be stagnated) genre.

  • patrik

    Sin City 2 please.