Liv Tyler to Star in Ti West’s New Sci-Fi/Thriller The Side Effect

While currently earning some praise for his most recent film The Innkeepers, director Ti West has already begun work on his next effort, a sci-fi thriller called The Side Effect. Liv Tyler has just been announced as the lead, playing a woman who “spends several months alone in space as an experimental subject for a global pharmaceutical company, and finds herself inexplicably pregnant.” Her paranoia grows as the cause of conception becomes more elusive. Described as more psychological than his previous efforts, West maintained that the film doesn’t abandon his genre roots, commenting that “it is still somewhat of a horror film.” Sounds like a cross between Moon and Rosemary’s Baby.

The Side Effect marks a return to thriller territory for Tyler who starred in 2008’s The Strangers. While some may voice concern over Tyler’s ability to carry a film, I think West’s ability to create and manipulate tone will stand as a better marker for the movie’s effectiveness. He’s certainly shown his skills in that department thus far and watching him tackle material that aims to be more psychological in nature should make for an interesting film. Both Tyler and West will be attending Sundance later this month to promote separate films (she has Robot And Frank, he has V/H/S), so perhaps we will hear more details on The Side Effect then. Are you excited that Ti West’s latest falls into the sci-fi genre? What do you think of Liv Tyler as the lead?

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  • Mikey T

    One thing I will say about Liv Tyler…She is still easy on the eyes.

  • Jarrod Curtis

    Excited to see this one… “House of the Devil” was one of the best horror movies of recent times… can’t say as much for Cabin Fever #2 but heard it was definitely not how he wanted it to turn out