Carrie Remake Gets a Director

Over the last few years, we’ve seen so many classic horror movies getting remade that it’s actually become a bit of a challenge to find one that hasn’t been remade. Brian de Palma’s 1976 adaptation of Stephen King’s Carrie is one of the few that has managed to escape the redo bug thus far, but that’s expected to change soon with MGM and Screen Gems currently pursuing a new version of the story. Last summer we reported that playwright Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa (Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark) would be writing the script, and now a director has been named for the project as well: Kimberly Peirce, best known for the Oscar-nominated film Boys Don’t Cry. Well, I guess if someone’s gotta direct it, that’s not a bad choice.

Peirce most recently directed the MTV Films drama Stop-Loss about veterans returning from the Iraq war, but she hasn’t done much else over the past decade. Still, she clearly knows how to tell a tragic story about an ostracized and abused young woman. The next big step will be finding someone who can fill Sissy Spacek’s shoes (please, anyone but Megan Fox).

According to Deadline, the new version of Carrie is supposed to be a new retelling of the book rather than a remake of De Palma’s film… sure, sure, that’s what they all say. If you’re worried about Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa’s previous credits, however, it’s worth noting that he also wrote the Marvel Comics adaptation of Stephen King’s The Stand. What do you think, can they actually pull off a remake of Carrie that isn’t a total embarrassment?

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  • Mike H

    Carrie? Again!! I know that this was King’s first novel and movie ever, but does Hollywood know that he does have oh maybe a couple more books that could be made into a flick.

  • jurassicalien

    Here’s the thing. Doing another Carrie. Fine. Whatever. I just read the book recently, and there’s enough things you can update to modern times and not have it be a big deal. Jocks are still jocks, bitches are still bitches. The cool kid can work on 70’s vintage cars instead of 50’s. My MAIN concern is what they change otherwise. Does Carrie get cyber bullied? If so, that’s a MAJOR change to the character of Carrie, because from the book or the original DePalma film, there is NO WAY Carrie White’s mom lets her have a computer of any kind. Maybe an apple 2. but if Carrie White has a facebook account that people cyber bully her on… no dice.

  • rot

    so long as Saorise Ronin is Carrie