Comic Book Men Trailer: Kevin Smith’s AMC Reality Series

As part of his quest to eventually quit the movie industry, last year we heard that Kevin Smith was in the process of pitching a reality series that takes place at his Red Bank, New Jersey comic book store, Jay & Silent Bob’s Secret Stash. AMC ordered a pilot, and eventually picked up the show for six one-hour episodes. Now it appears that the series has an official title, release date, and a couple of TV spots as well.

Described by Smith as “Pawn Stars for fanboys,” the title they have apparently decided on is Comic Book Men… which is pretty terrible if you ask me. What was wrong with the original working title of Secret Stash? Anyway, AMC seems to have high hopes for it as the show will premiere on February 12th, directly following an episode of The Walking Dead. Are you looking forward to Comic Book Men? Check out the first two TV spots after the jump and see what you think.

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  • Blake

    That name isn’t very memorable; however, judging from these guy’s rapport in their podcast “Tell ‘Em Steve Dave,” I think they’ll make for an interesting watch at the very least.

  • Wow I missed this. I am excited and curious. I love comics, I love Pawn Stars and I love Kevin Smith. What a blend of greatness.

  • jurassicalien

    I really enjoy “Tell’Em Steve Dave.” The only problem I could see with this show is if it feels to staged. Listening to TESD, the guys often talk about bits that were thought of and things they had to be present for.

    But I am looking forward to this show, quite a bit surprisingly.

  • Kasper

    Looks pretty good, can’t wait to see it!

  • Comic Book Meh?

  • Should of just called it Secret Stash. But looks like it could be entertaining.

  • Jacob

    The Secret Stash was such a better title but ah well this title will probably have a better draw considering itll air after the comic based show The Walking Dead. I do believe Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes will only appear in one or two episodes as most of the filming occurred when they were not present.
    Personally I can not wait for this as Brian Johnson and Walt Flanagans humour is something you dont get else where. I have the same concerns about some of the staged aspects of it, but I think theyll bring spontaneity and a willingness to take the piss to even the most staged of things because its just who they seem to be. Their podcast is one of the best out there (especially in the early days) and they have endearing personalities that I can’t wait to see on my T.V. screen.

    Also I think their lack of interest in being on T.V. will bring a freshness to the whole thing. They wont be deseratly grabbing attention, they’ll just be themselves.


  • juan

    the show looks great. TESD rules! Cant wait to see Ming Chen on the show..

  • RC

    Not interested

  • Anthony

    I’ll watch it.

  • Henrik

    Can’t wait for this. I’m allout on Storage Wars and some of my favorite episodes has been the ones where they find ridiculously expensive toys and stuff :P Shit’s got real potential yo

  • Fanboy


  • juan

    Walt and Ming are gonna be the stars of the show

  • What a TERRIBLE name, though I’m not surprised “Secret Stash” did pass muster with the networks. They like the literal titles. Swamp People comes to mind. Our show was nearly changed from Knights of Mayhem to American Knights. Oh well, I’ll watch the first season. It usually takes 3-6 episodes for a show to figure out what they want to do.