Fandango’s Top 10 Worst Christmas Movies

Every year around this time, we start to settle into some of our well-established family and/or personal traditions and if you’re a film fan, odds are your holiday traditions involve watching a favourite flick or two. Inevitably, the discussion around the blogosphere gravitates toward singling out some of the best Christmas movies of all time, but a topic that isn’t often addressed is the exact opposite: the worst Christmas movies of all time. And let’s face it, there have been plenty of stinkers over the years trying desperately to carve out a piece of that holiday pie.

This year Fandango decided to hold a poll on that very subject, and the results were interesting, although probably not that surprising. The 1964 cult classic Santa Claus Conquers the Martians ended up on top with 23% of the votes, while the Hulk Hogan turd Santa with Muscles also figured highly in the voting. However, I was a little bit dismayed to see movies like Jingle All the Way and Ernest Saves Christmas included as well. Nostalgia is a powerful thing, especially around the holidays, but are they really that bad? What are your least favourite Christmas movies? Check out the full results of the poll after the jump.

1. Santa Claus Conquers the Martians
2. Silent Night, Deadly Night
3. Jingle All the Way
4. Jack Frost
5. Santa With Muscles
6. Ernest Saves Christmas
7. Home Alone 3
8. Deck the Halls
9. Surviving Christmas
10. Christmas With the Kranks

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  • Rob

    Having Silent Night Deadly Night, Jingle All The Way & Ernest Saves Christmas on the list= BIG MISTAKE

  • Vikke_AJ

    Silent Night, Deadly Night is pretty much my favorite Christmas movie.

  • csidle

    We always get a Christmas film from our mother the 24th each year. One year we got Christmas with the Kranks. It sucked.

  • dynamitebronson

    I could see “Silent Night, Deadly Night 2″ being on that list but the first part is next to “Black Christmas” and “Christmas Evil” up there with the best Christmas themed horror flicks.

  • Steve Kasan

    How is Jingle All The Way on this list???
    It has Arnold who is the king. Phil Hartman. Sindbad!!! Arnold gives a reindeer a beer. A midget elf. Sindbad has a parcel with an actual bomb in it! The black king, Balthazar gets burned. Christmas commercialism is the backbone of this film and it’s theme. Arnold impersonating an officer, which is a crime is it not?
    There’s stuff in here you cannot even get away with our liberal world nowadays. Forget this Fandingo nonsense

  • Wait, which Jack Frost are we talking about? The Michael Keaton film, or the killer styrofoam snowman flick? One of them had Shannon Elizabeth’s tits in them and clearly does not belong.