Film Junk Premium Podcast: The Jurassic Park Trilogy (Includes Bonus Xmas Podcast)

Christmas has come early here at Film Junk! In this brand new installment of our ongoing series of premium podcasts, we discuss yet another beloved franchise: the Jurassic Park trilogy. In celebration of the recent Blu-ray release, we dig deep into Steven Spielberg’s sci-fi action/adventure series and discuss whether or not these groundbreaking blockbusters still hold up. It’s safe to say we’re fans across the board, but we do run into a few disagreements when it comes to some of the finer details of the series. We also talk about Joe Johnston’s entry in the franchise and whether or not it holds a candle to Spielberg’s first two installments. It’s the perfect opportunity for you to revisit Isla Nublar and Isla Sonar and join us on our journey through Jurassic Park…but wait, that’s not all!!

As a gift to all of the fine folks who decide to support us by downloading this episode, we’ve decided to get into Christmas spirit and throw in a FREE bonus podcast! That’s right, if you download the Jurassic Park Trilogy episode you will automatically receive our exclusive Xmas Podcast in which we discuss some holiday classics including It’s a Wonderful Life, Santa Claus: The Movie, Scrooged, and The Muppet Christmas Carol! This episode also features our own real-life Scrooge, Reed “Bah Humbug” Farrington! ‘Tis the season to indulge in some serious Film Junk action. Enjoy!

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  • Its only showing the first chapter lads (14.05 mins?!). Am I being an idiot?

  • dan day

    Thanks! Is the Mission Impossible 4 review on the bonus Xmas episode or a normal one?

  • dan day

    I think that’s the free preview. Use Paypal to buy and download the full episode. And use Winzip to extract the mp3 files.

  • Cheers Dan.

  • Kasper

    Wow, if the regular cast had also been out now it’d been a tripple whammy. But two for one day is pretty damn awesome too!

  • kyri

    THANK you FJ.

  • Thanks guys.

  • csidle

    Damn, now I really have to get around to watching the last 2 films.

  • rob

    woop woop hoorah film junk

    keep em coming :P

  • Dan: The M:I4 review will be on the regular Film Junk Podcast which will be up later tonight.

  • kyri

    It’s scary how good Jay is with impersonations..
    I am starting to suspect that there is no Sean, Greg or Frank.

    It’s all Jay!!

  • dan day

    Thanks Sean. Looking forward to it. I have to say I’m impressed by your dedication to the podcast. A week or so after the birth of my son there’s no way I would have had the time or the energy.

  • Falsk

    FFFUUU. I need to power through all three films today to prep for this. SO FUCKING PSYCHED!

  • Vikke_AJ

    Great stuff guys! Lots of podcasts to listen this week.

    At some point I would like to hear an Alien/Predator special, even though the Alien films were covered in the Movie Club Podcast. It would be nice to hear Greg’s and Frank’s though about the films. You could even include the dreadful AvP films. Might make a good two-parter :)

  • Greg

    @kyri – Wait until you hear my Jimmy Stewart impression…

    @Falsk – You’re psyched, but you hit us with a triple capital FU? Wow. You are pumped. Send cookies.

  • curtis talls

    niceee! money well spent. thanks guys.

  • El Ultimo Hombre

    Fucking fragglestick car…damn. I about pissed myself too.

  • Throwing my sadly limited, but well-intentioned financial support behind this one as well. Keep the good stuff comin, guys and enjoy the next line of coke you snort off that hooker’s ass. It’s my treat! :P

    Seriously can’t wait to listen!

  • jonathan

    Can someone tell me how to re-download this without paying again (I will if I must!)?

  • Jonathan: You should have a confirmation e-mail or receipt that was sent to you when you originally downloaded it. That will have a link to re-download it again. If you’re still having problems, let me know!

  • jonathan

    Cheers buddy! Easy when you know how. Thanks again to you guys for these amazing bits of audio entertainment. And Merry Christmas etc ;)

  • Falsk

    @ Greg – What am I, FJ’s personal cookie wench!? … I guess I’m okay with that …

  • Jay

    Awesome! Another 10$ which feels like way too little… Gonna start upping it to multiple times that starting with the next one! Want to support the site and the podcast any way i can and this is an awesome way to do it!!!

  • Goddamnit now I’m hungry for cookies.

    THANKS x100 FOR THE EPISODES FJ CREW!!! I freaking LOVE Jurassic Park! I love these premium episodes. Keep ‘em coming!

  • Goon

    The grand Muppet Christmas Carol defence:

    First of all, contextually, considering Jim was just lost, as was Richard Hunt, using the characters in this format was the best possible way to use the characters. And I think it falls completely in line with the format of the Muppet Show: Using the characters to bring established culture to a new audience – its what they did with vaudeville music, and here its what they did with literature. Something could be said that they aren’t themselves, but with the meta elements in the narration I think its a bit like the movie is in on it, like they’re all acting together.

    I have nostalgia for the movie just because its the Muppets, but not for the movie itself. I think I never saw it till it had been on VHS for some time. I wasn’t interested in it because I just didnt want to see yet another version of Christmas Carol, even if it was the Muppets. Now I’d say if theres nostalgia, its no different or delusional than the nostalgia I have for Scrooged, Christmas Vacation, or Home Alone…

    But as for the movie itself, the biggest draw for me is the music. Paul Williams’ songs are my favorite Muppet songs, and “the love we found”, “it feels like christmas”, “one more sleep til christmas” are all up there with my fave Muppet songs period.

    I enjoy the way they weaved all the Muppets into the storytelling, and that they used new Muppets for the ghosts, especially Christmas Present. I love the voice work on this character. Unlike the other Muppet movies I think a lot of the fringe Muppet characters get to exist on the sidelines in a sweet way, from the vegetables to the mice.. I love Bunsen and Beaker in this, and how it looks like Beaker flips off Scrooge. I love Bean Bunny getting shoved around. And since Gonzo is essentially the lead Muppet in a way, I really dig it because he’s maybe my favorite Muppet after Kermit. Gonzo is probably the reason I also enjoy Muppets from Space despite its shortcomings.

    I actually didnt always love Michael Caine’s Scrooge. it took a couple years of additional Caine appreciation for me to love it, and I’m sure its a sentimental reaction to Michael Caine in general. I love that guy.

    I will agree the final turn of Scrooge doesnt have the same impact as other versions including Scrooged, but the final reprise swells up for me emotionally in a way I dont have from the other versions.

    So that’s the Muppet nerd talking. I love the fuck out of Muppet Christmas Carol, I can’t wait to watch it again in a few days with my mom. Only Muppet Family Christmas can touch or surpass it with the other specials, but sadly the DVD version out there is mildly bastardized because of rights issues, so you lose out on more Muppet Babies and a snowman song.

    Regardless, great episode :P

  • Henrik

    There’s nothing called a “Terradon”. It’s “Pteranodon”, as opposed to “Pterodactyl” and the best one (yet to appear in one of these dinosaur movies): “Quetzalcoatlus”.

  • dirrrtyfrank

    I honestly though it was Pteradon since my grade 1 dinosaurs unit … so embarrassing

  • Dave

    In the middle of the Christmas episode – great stuff, guys! I might not have heard enough yet, but I can’t believe it wasn’t mentioned that Scrooged has recently been released on Blu-Ray! Only a trailer for the special features, but the transfer is honestly amazing. Definitely a buy, especially for fans.

  • Henrik

    You probably traded in all your dinosaur knowledge for the ability to put on a seatbelt.

  • Spongebob Scaredpants

    I think Goon likes Christmas Carol. Pretty sure.

  • I used to love the Muppets Christmas Carol as a youth. Doesn’t hold up. The best parts are clearly Gonzo and Rizzo.

  • Just for the record, in the book, Hammond is eaten by compys, Malcolm dies of wounds from the T-Rex, Nedry’s killed by the dilophasaurus, Wu (the BD Wong character) is eaten by raptors, and another character, the PR guy Ed Regis, is killed by the young T-Rex.

    That’s about it for deaths (both the lawyer and Muldoon survive) and nothing really bad happens to the kids–they get dive-bombed by some pteradons and their ages are reversed, but that’s it. They bring back Malcolm in the next book by simply saying that he didn’t die.

    And was Greg drunk?

  • Also, do you guys watch A Christmas Story each year? I like it, but can’t stand that they play it for 24 hours on TBS or whatever and my dad repeating like the same 3 or 4 lines from it for a whole month gets really super annoying and makes me not want to watch it.

  • kyri


    ohboy can’t wait! Is your Jimmy Stewart impression going to be from the colored version of Wonderful life??

    I love the Colored Version..

  • Greg

    @Nat – Nope, just the thought of that whole dream sequence made me laugh so hard.

  • For those who are interested, the book “A Christmas Carol” is available for free from iTunes.

  • Falsk

    Mmm, talk dino to me, Henrik.

    Also, if we’re on the subject of the JP books, nothing beats Malcom magically “getting better” for the Lost World. Love it.

  • RC

    It’s official. Ebenezer Reed hates movies.

  • csidle

    Lord of the Rings!

  • Aaron

    Another great show, guys!

    I was actually hoping you would spend some more time on Jurassic Park III, even though the movie doesn’t really warrant it. There’s a lot of elements to pick apart, which you did very well (I’m so glad Greg mentioned the dream. That might have been the funniest part of the show.). I would have loved to hear Frank’s thoughts on Dr. Grant’s (emphasis on DR.) motivation for going in the first place and just how he could have been so easily duped by William H. Macy and Tea Leone. I don’t hate the movie by any means, but it’s easily the weakest of the three. It does get some extra points for mentioning my home town of Enid, Oklahoma though.

    It’s interesting (and very telling) that in the special features they talk about completely throwing out the script that they had and starting over with a new story five weeks before production started.

    I thought I’d throw out some ideas for future specials. As far as movie series go, Back to the Future, Indiana Jones, Jaws, Dirty Harry, Rocky, or Batman would be great. You’ve probably had most or all of those in mind, but I thought I’d throw in my two cents anyway. Maybe a sports themed show in the same format as the Christmas special would work too.

    Thanks again for the great show and keep them coming!

  • Mason

    I’ve only listened to the Christmas binus part so far. Classic stuff, guys. Funniest part was Jay’s take on what would really happen to Kermit and Miss Piggy’s attempts at conceiving pig-frog children.

  • Beerdude

    Happy New Year to all film junkies!

    Best new year themed movie? I’ll throw Strange Days out there. Could that be a topic for a bonus podcast?

  • I’m about a month behind on my Film Junk Podcasts, so I just realized that this show was available. Downloading now. Can’t wait to get caught up!