Denzel Washington to Replace Russell Crowe in The Equalizer?

Last year we reported that a movie based on the ’80s TV series The Equalizer was picking up steam and had gained Russell Crowe as a potential star. He was attached to play Robert McCall, a former spy who offers his services to everyday people, free of charge, in order to help them find justice. With a premise somewhat similar to The A-Team, it was starting to look like the movie might have been put on hold due to the disappointing box office numbers for The A-Team movie. As it turns out, the project is still in development but Russell Crowe is no longer involved. Instead, he has been replaced by his American Gangster co-star Denzel Washington.

The update comes courtesy of Coming Soon, who got a hold of a press release from Sony Pictures announcing the extension of their deal with Escape Artists. The Equalizer is listed as one of the many projects that the two companies will be partnering on. According to the press release, the movie “is being developed with Denzel Washington in mind to star” and the script will be written by Richard Wenk (The Expendables 2, The Mechanic).

While no director has been announced as of yet, Wenk’s recent screenwriting credits certainly seem to be a promising indicator of what we might expect from The Equalizer movie. The show had a reputation for being rather gritty and violent for the time, and perhaps the feature film will be an R-rated extension of that. What do you think, could this TV adaptation actually have potential and do you prefer Denzel Washington to Russell Crowe?

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  • Mason

    Only if he speaks with an English accent.

  • Big Hungry

    Better than Russell Crowe but I would rather have Gary Oldman

  • kyri

    I ll tell you a secret. The reason he was replaced is because the film is going to have black gangsters in it and the studio thought that a black police officer will be “better”.

  • Ben

    Oh my goodness!!! This is black washing!!!! Everyone on the site protest this film. This is horrible. Fuck hollywood and their constant need to change the ethnicity of characters.

    (oh, wait, that’s right, people only get upset when it happens the opposite way. Because, you know, that’s not racist at all)

  • kyri

    I would like to separate myself from the above idiotic comment..

  • Ben

    Oh, please, oh wise on, tell me what’s idiotic about it?

  • Ben

    “one,” not “on”