William Shatner and Carrie Fisher Start YouTube Feud Over Star Wars vs. Star Trek

Long-time Film Junkies will remember that we settled the Star Wars vs. Star Trek debate a few years back (with Reed Farrington’s first appearance on Film Junk, no less), but now it appears that the age old argument is being brought back into the spotlight by none other than William Shatner and Carrie Fisher. Shatner threw down the gauntlet back in September when he dismissed Star Wars as being derivative of Star Trek and nothing more than special effects. Carrie Fisher apparently took offense and responded with a video of her own, defending Star Wars and even calling out Shatner for the fact that he once auditioned for the part of Darth Vader.

Shatner has since come back with a more personal retort aimed at Fisher’s weight, and while it’s kind of sad to see these two washed-up stars demeaning each other and making a desperate grab for publicity, I suppose the discussion itself is still a worthy one. It’s even more interesting now that Star Trek has successfully relaunched a new movie franchise. Check out the videos after the jump and let us know where you stand on the great Star Wars vs. Star Trek debate!

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  • Colin


  • I think Carrie needs George to remaster this….fix some things.

  • Hugo Van Nor

    We get it Star Wars is better. Lucas has milked it to the bone. The newest Star Trek was basically a rehash of other Star Trek movies. We get it. You like time travel. If they really want to settle it. Have them sword fight or something. At least it would be interesting.

  • William Shatner refuses to let bygones be bygones. Yesterday he posted a video in response to this bit that Carrie did last month as a joke in response to his self-inflicted Holy War between Star Wars and Star Trek. http://bit.ly/rxyYmC

  • DukeTogo

    Please, this is staged.

    ‘The kids have to learn about Tekwar sometime’ – Skinner on an episode of the Simpsons.

  • Joe

    I agree with Rus

    perhaps george could insert Han solo in there and have him step on carrie fisher’s tail

  • metalgirl

    Lol take a deep breath and chill some of you. They are just having fun in their twilight years, so just take it for what it is – FUN!!