Flight of the Conchords Movie Could Happen

With Arrested Development finally set to make its TV comeback and (eventually) a big screen debut, there are a handful of other TV shows that are waiting in the wings for a movie comeback of their own. In particular, we’ve been hearing rumours about movies based on two Rob Thomas shows, Veronica Mars and Party Down,being in development for a while now. This week we’ve got yet another juicy rumour to add to the mix. In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter at The Muppets premiere, actor / comedian / musician Bret McKenzie revealed that a Flight of the Conchords feature film might also be in the cards. It’s difficult to tell just how serious he was, but he did say, “We’re gonna try and do a movie… We just need a story.”

McKenzie then went on to joke that the movie might be closer than we think:

“I’m gonna go back to New Zealand tomorrow, maybe film it next week. And then edit it the week after… I don’t know how familiar you are with movies, but there’s a lot of behind the scenes stuff that could take one or two weeks. Probably in about a month we’ll have a premiere.”

Still, it’s an interesting proposition, especially considering that the show wasn’t flat out canceled, they just decided not to do a third season. HBO also seems to be open to turning their shows into movie franchises thanks to the success of the Sex and the City films (Entourage is expected to be the next one to make the jump). On the other hand, Conchords was definitely not a huge ratings hit for HBO and it’s hard to imagine that a movie would draw much of a crowd. Complicating things further, Jemaine’s career has kind of taken off in the past year or so (he has a big role in Men in Black III this summer) and Bret is starring in The Hobbit. Will it happen? I’m not sure but I’d love to see it. Would you be interested in a Flight of the Conchords movie?

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