Man Files Lawsuit Claiming The Hangover: Part II was Based on his Life

It would appear that last week’s outlandish lawsuit against the distributor of the film Drive has brought even more crazies out of the woodwork. This week Warner Brothers is being sued by a man who claims that The Hangover: Part II was based on his life story and that a script he wrote about his own nightmarish honeymoon was the true inspiration for the film. Michael Alan Rubin says he married a Japanese woman back in 2007 and went on a honeymoon in Thailand and India where “differences started arising over Rubin’s financial condition.” As a result, his wife refused to share a hotel room with him. Wow… sounds pretty similar, right?

He’s not just suing for copyright infringement, however. He’s also claiming misappropriation of publicity rights and defamation, since the movie resulted from “exploitation of the private real life of Plaintiff in an insulting manner.” Apparently Rubin feels that the filmmakers were taking a shot at him by suggesting that he was “under the influence of drugs when he ditched his girlfriend and proposed to a male-to-female transexual prostitute.” Uh… what? Maybe this is stuff you don’t want to be admitting in public.

Strangely, this isn’t the first lawsuit to come out of The Hangover: Part II as Mike Tyson’s tattoo artist previously sued because they had reproduced his copyrighted work of art. That case was settled, but there is still another outstanding lawsuit from a stunt man who sustained a brain injury during the shoot. Still, something tells me both of those suits have a little more substance behind them. I suppose this is just one of the unfortunate side effects of making a movie that earns $581 million worldwide.

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  • Blake

    “All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.” – Case Dismissed.

  • Ovenball

    This has inspired me to file suit against the makers of Predators. That sh*t totally happened to me. I don’t want to talk about it.

  • Aaron

    So… by the transitive property, hangover 1 was based on his life.

  • People like this are the reason up-and-coming screenwriters have such a hard time in Hollywood. Bwahahaha! Almost typed that with a straight face.