Sony Picks Up Steve Jobs Biopic

Despite persistent rumours about his failing health, the death of Steve Jobs clearly shocked a lot of people last week. The Apple and Pixar co-founder was one of those people who actually lived up to the word “visionary” and truly succeeded in changing the world around us. With all the media coverage surrounding his passing, you had to assume that Hollywood would be looking for a way to capitalize on it immediately. As it turns out, it took Sony just two days to make their move. Deadline reports that they are currently in negotiations to acquire the movie rights to Steve Jobs, an upcoming biography by Time Magazine managing editor Walter Isaacson that will be turned into a biopic for the big screen. The book has not been published yet but is set to hit stores on October 24th.

Steve Jobs’ life was featured on screen once before in the made-for-TV movie Pirates Of Silicon Valley, which focused more on the rivalry between Microsoft and Apple. Anthony Michael Hall played Bill Gates while Noah Wyle starred as Jobs. The new biopic will likely be a bit more serious in tone, and considering that Sony is the same studio responsible for The Social Network and Moneyball, it could actually end up being something more than just a cash grab.

There are already whispers that Aaron Sorkin might write the screenplay, and although there is no solid evidence to support that, he did have a friendship of sorts with Steve Jobs. He recently revealed that Jobs would often call him up to chat, and that Jobs had also wanted him to write a Pixar movie. What do you think, are you a fan of Steve Jobs and are you interested in seeing a Jobs biopic on the big screen?

On a related note, Discovery will air the Steve Jobs documentary iGenius: How Steve Jobs Changed The World this Sunday at 8 pm.

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  • This is on one side great that Sony have picked it up but also scary that they might rush such an important story.

    If you haven’t seen Pirates of Silicon Valley then I suggest you pick it up as soon as you can. It’s a TV movie and it looks like it too, but the story, acting and script is told brilliant. Shows many of the sides of Jobs which not many people know about and shows his amazing journey. One of my very favourite films. Very much like The Social Network the way it jumps between Microsoft and Apple (a la Winkolvi and Zuckerberg).

    Sorkin getting the chance to write this might be an amazing move and I’m sure would allow for an incredible story, but I’d be surprised if he did pick it up as it does in many ways follow similar characteristics as The Social Network.

  • Dave

    Let me guess – Johnny Depp will play this guy, too.

  • kyri

    There is a story to be told here.. but if it is going to be told well It’ll depend on the director, I don’t expect it to be as good as Social Network..

  • Gil

    P.T.A. and Tom Cruise team up again! Woo! They can use the guy who played Chancellor Palpatine for when he starts to get really sick!

  • Kamen Liew

    I’m in if there’s a scene of Steve Jobs trash-talking the Samsung opposition and the lawyers they are represented by in a courtroom whilst uttering the line “the rest of my attention is at the Apple office where my colleagues are coming up with things that no one in this room including and especially your clients are capable of”.