Another Zorro Reboot in the Works

Looks like Zorro is heading back to the big screen, and this time around, it will not be Antonio Banderas behind the mask. According to Deadline, Sony is in the process of setting up another re-imagining of the Spanish outlaw based on the 2005 novel Zorro by Isabel Allende. The book is an origin story that is also written as a mock biography, apparently treating the character as a real historical figure, and even making reference to many existing stories including the last feature film The Mask of Zorro. Does this mean the movie will be shot as a mockumentary? Probably not, but it might be a cool idea. At any rate, Sony is insisting that since it is based on this book, it will NOT be a remake. Of course it won’t.

Writers Matthew Federman and Stephen Scaia have been hired to pen the script, taking them out of their element and marking their very first project for the big screen. Federman and Scaia’s credits include such TV shows as Jericho, Human Target, and yes, the new Charlie’s Angels. They also recently wrote a made-for-TV feature called River Of Doubt, about Teddy Roosevelt’s 1914 trip down the Amazon River.

It’s worth noting that this isn’t the only Zorro reboot on the horizon. Earlier this year we heard rumours about a strange post-apocalyptic take on the character called Zorro Reborn, with FX guru Rpin Suwannath in line to direct. That movie is being set up at Fox, and while it’s unclear which one will see the light of day first, I think we can at least agree that Sony’s version is a little more true to the character. Which version are you most interested in seeing?

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  • kyri


  • Dave

    Let me guess…Ryan Reynolds or Johnny Depp in bronzer make-up.

  • Greg

    This makes me sad. I love that character. That post-apocalyptic one sounds awful and the writer’s selected for the Sony one do not have a good track record. Maybe Taylor Lautner will play Zorro and I can justifiably hang myself.

  • patrik

    Lautner is a good call actually, that could probably happen. It would suck but that´s the world we live in. Liked the first Zorro a lot.

  • SzB

    I’m much more interested in the origins version by Sony pictures

    The apocalyptic Zorro sounds terrible. If they do this they will ruin