The Coen Brothers’ Latest Film Gets Funding and a Title

Back in June, the Coen Brothers dropped a few tidbits on their upcoming film while being interviewed by Noah Baumbach, saying that it would be set in the 1960s New York folk scene and that it would feature live music performances. Now that StudioCanal has announced they will co-finance the film, a little more information has come to light. The film is entitled Inside Llewyn Davis and will be adapted from the “posthumous memoir The Mayor of MacDougal Street by folk singer Dave van Ronk, a central figure in New York-based folk revival of the 1960s.” In addition, we now know that Scott Rudin and Robert Graf will come on board as producers. They’ve previously worked with the Coens on True Grit and No Country for Old Men.

Inside Llewyn Davis is sounding like more and more of a departure for the Coens, although with O Brother, Where Art Thou? in their filmography, they’re no strangers to music-heavy films. With the commercial success of True Grit, I suppose now is the time for them to experiment and try something different. The brothers have commented that, in addition to live music, the film will feature naturalistic dialog, giving viewers more of a documentary-like sense of being in the setting. I’m not sure what the film will turn out like, but I’m already curious to find out. There’s currently no word on casting or a shooting schedule, so we’ll all have some time to imagine what the duo will come up with. How much are you looking forward to Inside Llewyn Davis?

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  • patrik

    fuck it, I´m there.

  • Andrew


  • Ovenball

    With the possible exceptions of Intolerable Curelty and The Ladykillers, these two have a sterling track record. How could you not eagerly anticipate every Coen Brother’s project?