Weekly Poll Results: Best Jackie Chan Movie

In last week’s poll, Jackie Chan squared off against himself in a situation not unlike the Jackie Chan movie Twin Dragons. Although it was a hard fought battle, in the end The Legend of the Drunken Master (aka Drunken Master II) came out on top, just barely sneaking past Jackie Chan’s first major hit in the U.S., Rumble in the Bronx, to claim the title of Best Jackie Chan Movie. The other movies in the top 5 were Rush Hour, Drunken Master and Police Story respectively, and while there were all fairly close, a noticeable gap separated them from the remaining choices. Pulling up the rear was Project A, an earlier Jackie Chan flick that hardcore fans seem to love, but I suspect that it hasn’t been very widely seen. Are you happy with these results?

1. The Legend of the Drunken Master — 19.1%
2. Rumble in the Bronx — 18.4%
3. Rush Hour — 16.5%
4. Drunken Master — 15.8%
5. Police Story — 13.6%
6. Shanghai Noon — 6.3%
7. Armour of God — 4.8%
8. Supercop — 3.3%
9. Operation Condor — 1.5%
10. Project A — 0.7%

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  • Rick

    i may be ignorent, but whats the difference between drunken master and legend of the drunken master

  • Legend of the Drunken Master is the sequel.

  • Nick

    Yeah, it’s the sequel and I found it pretty unwatchable I’m afraid. I remember being REALLY aggravated by how belaboured the storytelling was and how little personality was in the filmmaking. The original moves like greased lightning and it’s a total blast! Check out THE YOUNG MASTER too as a good example of his early work. Guy’s insanely talented!

  • I guess I’m a snob, but when I see Rush Hour at #3 on the list I can’t help but shake my head. Also, Shanghai Noon appearing anywhere BUT at the bottom of the list is shameful. Oh, and why no votes for Project A???

  • swarez

    I think it’s because most of the voters have only been exposed to the Weinstein versions of his films or his latest US output, that is, dubbed, cut and mangled.
    Jackies golden period was the 80’s when he directed most of his own films and that’s where you’ll find his best stuff.
    Last weekend I bought an old VHS tape of Project A. A tape that I rented quite often back in the day.