Tom Hanks Refunds Moviegoers Who Didn’t Like Larry Crowne

Well it’s not too often that you read a tabloid story that actually portrays a celebrity in a good light, but I suppose sometimes Hollywood actors can be humble, down-to-earth people too. According to the National Enquirer, Tom Hanks was recently filling up his car at a gas station in Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles, when a couple spotted him and decided to strike up a conversation. They mentioned that they had just seen his most recent film Larry Crowne, and so naturally he asked what they thought of the film. The husband told him “it wasn’t very good,” while the wife responded, “Actually, it wasn’t that bad, we were just expecting it to be a lot better.” So what did Hanks do? He apologized and immediately refunded their money out of his own pocket. I always knew T Hanx was one of the good guys!

While I’m not entirely sure I believe this story (because, let’s face it, who would actually tell a Hollywood star that their movie sucked?), it’s worth noting that Hanks did co-write, direct and produce Larry Crowne in addition to starring in it, so perhaps he felt even more personally responsible than usual. It does make you wonder what the world would be like if Hollywood stars had to answer directly to the public a little more often, or if moviegoers could always get their money back if they didn’t like a movie. Would the same bloated blockbusters still be topping the box office every week? At any rate, if Tom Hanks really did this, it was a pretty clever P.R. move. Now can we all get our money back for Angels & Demons and The Da Vinci Code too?

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  • Jonny Ashley

    I heard it wasn’t that bad?

  • Colin

    @Jonny It was better when it was titled “Community”

  • Mason

    If multiplex filmgoers were given the opportunity to get their money back if they didn’t like a film, then there would be no hope of ever getting more artsy or film festival type movies onto more screens.

  • Colin

    @Mason I disagree… I think you’d see more people getting their money back for Green Lantern than Midnight in Paris.

    Suddenly, you’d have much more diversity (and art) in theaters again.

  • narby

    maybe theres still hope I can get my $8 back from Sam Jackson for sitting through Shaft some 10+ years ago…. I still wake up in a cold sweat some nights because of the nightmares….

  • the bigger news is Tom Hanks can’t carry a movie these days. end of an era.

    when is Hollywood going figure out people go to the movies for escape and you don’t do movies about problems while people are still in the problem!

    economic woes

    It doesn’t work. these movies always feel like rich people trying to hard to empathize with middle america.