Evil Dead 4 Finally Gearing Up for Production?

You can probably file this one under “unlikely rumour” for the time being, but there could also be a grain of truth underneath it all. We’ve been hearing talk about a new Evil Dead film for years now, with reports alternating between the long-awaited Evil Dead 4 and a somewhat less desirable remake of the original Evil Dead. Once Sam Raimi officially parted ways with the Spider-Man franchise, his schedule was obviously a lot more open, and coming off the smaller horror flick Drag Me to Hell, it seemed like he might be in the right frame of mind to return to Ash and his battle against the Deadites. However, Raimi then signed on to direct Oz: The Great and Powerful for Disney instead. Now this week we’ve got reports that long-time Raimi collaborator is heading to Detroit to begin work on a new Evil Dead flick. Could Oz be helping to pay for the long-awaited sequel?

According to Dread Central, a reliable source has informed them that Raimi’s editor Bob Murawski is starting to get the ball rolling on the project, which will be a “small indie thing like the first two.” But why would an editor be the first person on the scene? Murawski also has a few producer credits so perhaps he is out there scouting locations, although something still doesn’t add up.

Bruce Campbell, who recently joined Twitter also chimed in with some information, in response to someone else’s inquiry:

“Believe in the remake, dawg! The project is real. In the works. Cool as hell. Scary as hell.”

So according to Campbell it’s actually the remake that is going into production, not a sequel. Then again, Campbell has been plugging the remake for years so who knows if anything has actually changed here. What do you think? Is Sam Raimi about to return to the Evil Dead franchise? Would you be disappointed if it is indeed a remake and not a sequel?

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  • Remake or Sequel it doesn’t matter. I just want Raimi and Campbell creating something back in the Evil Dead world again.

  • Captain N

    This sounds more like an Evil Dead remake than Evil Dead 4.

  • patrik

    I don’t even care about Campbell anymore, just give me another horror/comedy from Raimi.. Loved Drag Me To Hell and there’s a few actresses out there I would like to see get tortured.. =)