Apollo 18 Trailer #2

Although I remain somewhat intrigued by the possibility of a found footage horror movie set in space, I have to admit that the marketing for Apollo 18 hasn’t been particularly inspired thus far. The constant shuffling of the release date also seems to indicate a lack of confidence from The Weinstein Company, and aside from having Timur Bekmambetov as a producer, all of the talent involved are basically unknowns. Director Gonzalo López-Gallego previously did a thriller called King of the Hill (which I’ve heard is good), but on the other hand, one of the screenwriters is the same guy that wrote Priest. Yikes.

A new trailer has just arrived online over at Yahoo! and it really doesn’t seem all that different from the teaser trailer that was released back in February. I understand that they’re trying not to give too much away, but at some point you have to offer something other than grainy footage and ominous music. What do you think, could this movie end up being a pleasant surprise? Apollo 18 hits theatres on September 2nd; check out the new trailer after the jump.

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  • BB

    I’m gonna watch it anyways. Horror in space always tickled me just right. I mean first time I saw Event Horizon I almost shat myself.

  • uh the problem is gravity, the fact it is there…not going to work these days, sorry.

  • kyri

    Why not watch this? it looks interesting and fresh.

  • Miike

    I thought this was a horror movie until I saw the astronaut blow himself off the surface of the moon with that huge fart at the end. Now I know it’s just Jack Ass in space.

    Jack Asstronaut?