Game Junk Podcast Episode #7: Portal 2

0:00 – Intro
2:30 – Headlines: E3 Discussion: Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, Top 5 Best of Show
1:08:00 – Review: Portal 2
1:28:25 – Other Stuff We Played: Killzone 3, Kirby’s Epic Yarn, Dragon Age, Brutal Legend, Dead Nation, Wipeout HD, Fallout: New Vegas, Infamous 2 Demo, Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes Demo, Dungeons & Dragons: Daggerdale, Nintendo 3DS, Pilotwings Resort, Super Mario Land, Donkey Kong, Outland, Mod Nation Racers, Sega Rally Revo, Lego Pirates of the Caribbean / Lego Star Wars 3, Left 4 Dead / Left 4 Dead 2, Dead Rising 2, Daytona USA, Nights, Mr. Bones, Bug!, Panzer Dragoon, NHL All Star Hockey, Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP, They Need to Be Fed, Karoshi, Crysis 2, Bulletstorm
2:33:40 – Junk Mail: Chrono Trigger, L.A. Noire, Nintendo DS Recommendations, Sex in Video Games, Metroid Prime Trilogy, Online-Based Achievements, Cool Peripherals, Valkyria Chronicles, Grand Theft Auto Series, Exploitation Games
3:09:45 – This Month’s Releases
3:10:50 – Outro

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  • milath

    Awesome. Listening now.

    That’s a cool little graphic by the way, where did you get that from and is there a larger version available somewhere? Say… desktop background sized?

  • Colin

    HuckCity is dead to me… 3/4, are you serious?!

  • Matty

    Awesome stuff guys. Thanks!

  • theocean85

    If HuckCity hates doing side quests in Fallout so much he can just kill the quest givers or steal the pertinent information from them. Seriously. If your speech skills are good enough you can convince people to help you without questing, or you can just break into their hotel room and read a diary entry with the info they’re keeping from you etc.

  • Tomoo

    I was wondering when we were going to see Game Junk again, especially after that teaser in the latest Film Junk. Now Sunday has a meaning!

  • Gil

    Funny enough, I recall getting an email from Best Buy recently informing customers that they have been hacked as well.

  • mike v

    awesome. something quality to listen to during my long night of work. thanks

  • alechsml

    I might be joining in the chorus but Sword & Sworcery EP is really boring and not fun to play. The biggest issues is that they didn’t have enough content, the content was bad, there was no pacing and it didn’t feel like you accomplished anything. The game is completely hollow with no substance that would definitely be better suited as a 8-bit video.

  • Henrik

    A Chrono Trigger episode would be awesome. And if you guys think you have a problem finding out why it’s amazing, you have to make it a live show, so I can call in and tell you!

    Great episode this week, love the e3 talk. I was expecting a bit more ranting on the Sega Saturn, since I don’t know much about the system, but I guess the show was kind of running long at that point. The retro stuff is gold man… who can keep up with current stuff?

  • rjdelight

    Frank is amazing on Film Junk, but he takes it to another level with GJ!

  • Jonny Ashley

    Frank needs to give Vice City another chance. The city is the perfect size and the missions direct you through it much more naturally than in San Andreas. It’s not as easy to get lost, and the music sets an awesome tone.

  • Primal

    Yup, definitely an awesome episode guys.

    Huck, when you referred to the best Mario Kart is the first Mario Kart from AllGenGamers? They have a damn good podcast imo.

    Sean, sucks that you missed out on the SNES RPGs, If you have the time even if ROMs are your best option, play Final Fantasy VI/III, Zelda: A Link to the Past, Secret of Mana, and Terranigma. It rounds up the top 5 RPGs on the system along with Chrono Trigger of course.

    And yes, Frank sounds quite comfortable here on GJ. I like the relaxed Frank.

    My favorite GTA is Vice City more because of the soundtrack. I’m not a huge fan of sandbox games myself and no matter how much I play them, I can never fall in love with those games.

  • tjg92

    What’s that groovy outro music?

    Also cool podcast. I’ve been meaning to buy Chrono Trigger DS for a while now so maybe I can time it with your review.

  • Blake Marshall

    The song was taken from Jim Guthrie’s soundtrack to Sword & Sworcery LP. The entire album is incredibly well done, I recommend throwing him a few bucks and picking it up, especially if you dug the outro tune.

  • Kamen Liew

    OMG did you guys fart during the podcast? HA HA HA!!

    Either Andrew or Frank did coz it was pretty obvious at the 58:41 mark.

    You can hear it! Frank was laughing in the background.

    This is the first fart I ever heard on a podcast I ROFL-ed

  • HuckCity

    @Primal – Actually I think it was from one of the 1up podcasts. Either “Games, Dammit” or Retronauts live, I can’t remember. I actually don’t listen to AllGenGamers, so i’ll have to give it a listen.

  • Paul Andrews

    Thanks fellas, worth the wait.

  • Kurei Scott

    I dunno about this other guy, I mean Sean and Frank are great, but you say this guy designs video games? If he doesn’t see any possibilities in designing a game around a controller with a tablet interface with built in gyroscope, 1-1 connection with the tv, and a front camera then I really hope hes not the creative head of any games…..

  • None of us are designers, we’re all programmers.

    I don’t remember exactly what was said but I think the question is whether or not the Wii-U can offer any *new* experiences. At this point virtually everything it is capable of can already be done with existing systems.

  • HuckCity

    I believe Sean also mentioned that the iPad will be doing everything that the Wii U is claiming to do once Apple TV comes out. So I think that will be the real test once two basically idential “systems” are on the market to see how software sales do for each.

    As a programmer, maybe i’m just not forward thinking enough, but I’d much rather take a faster processor that I can create smarter and more sophisticated A.I. with, rather than a gyroscope and a connection to a tv. AI also doesn’t care what you look like.

  • Jsin

    Haven’t had a chance to listen to the episodes, but thought I’d comment on a few of the posts. Super Mario Kart is the best Kart there ever was or will be. I’d play tracks just to shave off hundrendths of seconds off my best times, while the more recent installments are more about luck.

    Uncharted Waters: New Horizons is an rpg for the SNES that I think is one of the first “sandlot” type rpg games and is really good.

    Dragon Force for the Saturn got game of the year in 1996 and can’t be recommended enough. A lot like Ogre Battle and you can get it for the PS2 under the Sega Ages game.

    Seeing as there are 3 programmers, can we get more behind the scenes info on programming, or is just boring info? What is difficult, greatest accomplishments, etc.?

  • It’s probably pretty boring and we probably can’t talk too much about specifics but feel free to send in some junk mail if you have questions.

  • Paul Andrews

    Frank – on the PC version of Left4Dead 2 there’s a film grain slider control , so you can sharpen up the graphics if you want.

  • Kurei Scott

    The Ipad and Iphone are stand alone devices though. Gaming is a secondary feature on them, if not tertiary. I seriously fail to see how these systems revolutionize gaming. Not that you guys claimed they did or anything.

    But first off they do not offer an appropriate control scheme. No tactile response and what controls are offered you have to put ur hands directly on the screen which sometimes obscure your view.

    Also, if that Apple TV comes out, I’m just wondering how much it will cost. along with an IPad. Apples products seem to be far more expensive, and the benefit of a console has always been its price balanced with good power.

    Constantly shifting platform. These systems update too frequently and have too many different versions, so game develeopers don’t seem to spend too much time say, making a game for a year and releasing it on the system.

    Which brings to my next point. Games. Most of the games on those systesm are either physics based games, free flash games that look like they came off Newgrounds, games ‘influenced’ by their console counterparts(Gameloft I’m looking at you) and ‘retro’ style games.

    BUt hey its not that I’m knocking your opinions or anything, its your opinion and all, and I still think it was a great show and I’m happy the show is back.

    And one more thing…do people really buy Ipads? I mean seriously? Is it that popular? Do people buy that thing instead of buying a laptop which is more powerful, can do more things, AND is less expensive?

  • Austin in Japan

    Damn I love game junk. Great listen as always. You guys are awesome!

  • Antonio

    For all retro gamefans and Frank :