Conan O’Brien Can’t Stop Trailer

I was lucky enough to catch Conan O’Brien Can’t Stop at a sold out screening at this year’s Hot Docs film festival and it remains to be one of the funniest films I’ve seen this year. I suppose this might be dependent upon your own opinion of Conan and his sometimes self-deprecating, other times egomaniacal sense of humour. Director Rodman Flender (he directed Leprachaun 2!) apparently first met Conan in college and maintained a lasting friendship. After the whole Jay Leno debacle, he approached him with the idea of documenting his “Legally Prohibited From Being Funny on Television Tour”, which took place during his contractually imposed down time between The Tonight Show and his current TBS program. Conan agreed and the result is a hilarious, warts-and-all insider’s perspective on O’Brien’s constant appetite to entertain, the relationships he holds with his co-workers, and the sometimes exhausting demands of his fans. Conan O’Brien Can’t Stop hits select theatres on June 24th; check out the official synopsis and trailer after the jump.

After a much-publicized departure from hosting NBC’s Tonight Show – and the severing of a 22-year relationship with the network – O’Brien hit the road with a 32-city music-and-comedy show to exercise his performing chops and exorcise a few demons. The “Legally Prohibited From Being Funny on Television Tour” was O’Brien’s answer to a contractual stipulation that banned his appearance on television, radio and the Internet for six months following his last show. Filmmaker Rodman Flender’s resulting documentary, Conan O’Brien Can’t Stop, is an intimate portrait of an artist trained in improvisation, captured at the most improvisational time of his career. It offers a window into the private writers room and rehearsal halls as O’Brien’s “half-assed show” (his words) is almost instantly assembled and mounted to an adoring fan base. At times angry, mostly hilarious, O’Brien works out his feelings about the very-public separation with comedy and rockabilly music, engaging in bits with on-stage guests such as Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart and Jim Carrey, duetting with Jack White and sweating out manic Elvis Presley covers with his band and back-up singers. We see a comic who does not stop — performing, singing, pushing his staff and himself. Did Conan O’Brien hit the road to give something back to his loyal fans, or did he travel across the continent, stopping at cities large (New York, Las Vegas) and remote (Enoch, Alberta) to fill a void within himself?

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  • Anthony

    Looks interesting. I’ll check it out if I get a chance

  • kyri

    So in one scene he has a problem because “too many” people follow him and on the other scene he has a problem that “nobody lives in this town”..


  • Lars Von Tired

    He’s a douche. He as funny as a Sean Penn press conference.

    Now Frank – He’s funny. He should have his own show.

  • kyri

    @ Frank Von Goon

    Kirsten Dunst won best actress award at Cannes

  • Duke Togo

    Conan.. still funny.. Leno still grabbing the low hanging fruit. What happened to John Hensen? I saw an episode of Wipeout and Hensen made Bob Saget look edgy, seriously, did he get a lobotomy or something?

  • TDR

    Pass. Who cares..