Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg Re-Team for Turkey Bowl

It’s been a few years since Will Ferrell’s last sports-themed comedy, so he’s got to be due for another one, right? Well, whether you want it or not, that’s exactly what we’ll be getting as Ferrell teams up with former co-star Mark Wahlberg to bring us a film called Turkey Bowl. This time out, the duo will play “guys from football-obsessed towns who lead rival teams in an annual tackle football game for bragging and trash-talking rights.” In addition to the two leads, Alec Baldwin has also signed on to play Wahlberg’s father and it’s being reported that the film will feature many cameo appearances in the vein of the newscaster smackdown in Anchorman. Warner Bros. picked up the pitch for the film, which will be written by 30 Rock‘s Robert Carlock and Scott Silveri, with a story by Owen Burke.

After the bad taste Semi-Pro left in audience’s mouths, I’m somewhat surprised to see Farrell returning to another sports film (this will be his 5th overall). With that said, I’m actually kind of looking forward to it, at least in concept. While The Other Guys wasn’t the absolute best Ferrell movie, I thought the combination of him with Wahlberg worked well enough and the idea of them as athletic rivals kind of amusing to me. I’m anxious to see who else they recruit for this. Invoking the Anchorman name in terms of cameos gives me high expectations. For those wondering about the production side of things, Turkey Bowl will be produced by Ferrell, Adam McKay and Chris Henchy through their Gary Sanchez banner and Wahlberg through his Closest to the Hole productions.

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  • MikeH

    i definitely like the combo of Ferrell and Wahlberg; i thought The Other Guys wasnt that bad of a flick. the concept of this flick sounds like it will be far better than Semi-Pro. so its safe to say that i am really looking forward to seeing this flick.

  • Mike

    Actually sounds like it could be good.

  • http://www.arkhamdaily.com/ David Lawyer

    The combo of Wahlberg and Ferrell worked! And I must agree, in part, with your comment above that The Other Guys was not Ferrell’s best movie (for me anyways, his best was Step Brothers), although the film does rank in my top 2 or 3 funniest films, with its stellar cast of Duane Johnson, Jackson and Keaton….I can watch that film over and over again and still get rocked with laughter – the rock and jackson having, probably the best 10min or so of the movie….

    Turkey Bowl has much promise. I can’t wait…

  • Mike

    ya i could use an entire movie with just the Rocks and Sam Jackson’s characters from the Other Guys

  • Matt

    Hmm, I seem to be in the minority here but I didnt enjoy The Other Guys at all. That coupled with the memory of Semi-Pro, and I don’t have any expectations of Turkey Bowl being good. Although I’m a big Will Farrel fan, and Anchorman is one of my favorite comedies ever, Mark Wahlberg is never funny, ever.